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You will agree with us when we say that getting your hands on the Best Commercial Paint Sprayer is very hard.

However, after doing extensive research, we have assembled a list of the best products in this category.

We hope to equip you with all the important details that will significantly help you make a decision.

Top Pick

If you want to paint fences, and walls, this paint sprayer is ideal for you. You can easily clean it after use and it saves a lot of time making your job more convenient and efficient. This is why it is our top pick. Recommended

Runner Up

We recommend this sprayer for commercial and professional use. You can use it for efficient and fast painting. Due to its durable design, this product has a long life span when compared to other paint sprayers.

Also Great

If you want a sprayer with a sturdy and portable design, you might want to consider this one. The long hose that accompanies it assists the user to reach tricky areas. It is also very affordable and easy to use for beginners.

Our team has been busy testing multiple commercial paint sprayers for weeks and these are the top 3 out of the many that we used.

We went ahead and compiled the reviews for the top 10 Best Commercial Paint Sprayer. Let’s take a look at them shall we?

Best Commercial Paint Sprayer - Top 10 Reviews

1. Best Flow Control Commercial Paint Sprayer - Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Review

We found this sprayer to be ideal for DIY enthusiasts. Due to its lightweight body, this product is extremely portable. The device comes with different pressure settings that allow the user to choose between light spray and medium spray coverage.

Additionally, this sprayer gives great results when it is used on walls or fences. We used latex paints which seemed to work really well with this sprayer. This sprayer is very easy to clean due to its Power Flush adapter.

Due to the powerful steel piston pump, you can use unthinned paints without having a problem. It comes with a 75 feet. hose that allows the user to have a longer reach in larger projects.

Features of Graco Magnum 262800 X5 – Best Commercial Paint Sprayer

  • Durable build
  • Weighs 13 pounds
  • 75 feet hose
  • 1 to 5 gallon paint bucket
  • Power Flush adapter for fast cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Very easy to clean
  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Good value for money
  • Not recommended for indoor use

If you are a DIY enthusiast looking for a paint sprayer that is efficient and suitable for a variety of projects, then this is perfect for you.

2. Best Powerful Commercial Paint Sprayer - Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Review

We were amazed by the impressive pressure control system. It allows the user to set the pressure of the sprayer according to their needs. Lower pressure settings will ensure that you get a precise finish while a high pressure will make it easy to paint large surfaces.

The cart styled paint sprayer allows you to easily move it around and even store some of your equipment in it. We also liked that the flexible hose allows you to reach difficult areas more conveniently. 

Due to the Reversible Tip technology, you can attach a garden hose directly to the sprayer for easy cleaning. This ensures that you save time and effort. Moreover, it is easy to disassemble as well.

Features of Graco Magnum 262805 X7 

  • Weighs 26 pounds
  • Supports up to 100 feet hose
  • Power Flush adapter for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable pressure control system
  • Supports 3000 PSI
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable 
  • Efficient painting 
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Costly

If you are looking for a powerful paint sprayer that is efficient, durable, versatile and easy to clean, then this what you need to look out for.

3. Best Durable Commercial Paint Sprayer - Wagner 9175 Review

We loved the wheels attached to the sprayer. This allowed for a lot more mobility and ensured that the user can carry it around conveniently. The durable design of the product allows it to have a long life span which means it will not break easily. 

Due to having a 50 feet hose attached to it, you can move around more freely and reach tricky places that are normally hard to reach. This makes your work much easier and saves time. 

The price is very affordable and this product is very easy to use even for beginners. The instruction manual that comes with it provides the user with all of the necessary information.

Features of Wagner 9175

  • 29 x 22 x 18.5 inches dimensions
  • Weighs 52.9 pounds
  • Has two wheels attached
  • Supports up to 3000 PSI
  • Comes with 50 feet hose
  • Sturdy
  • Portable
  • Good for commercial use
  • Affordable
  • Long hose
  • Problematic to clean

If you are looking for a portable, sturdy and an affordable product that paints efficiently, then you should keep your eye on this.

4. Best Commercial Paint Sprayer for Large Projects - HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 Review

Due to its adjustable pressure system, you can easily choose between slow speed for precise painting and fast speed for quick coverage. The sprayer is also very affordable and is easy to clean due to the reversible tip.

We also liked how easy it is to carry this sprayer due to the built-in handle. This makes it easier for the user to move it around without any problems. 

The paint sprayer has a flexible intake tube that allows you to use larger containers without any issues. The spray gun is made from metal due to which it is very durable. 

Features of HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800

  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • 12.5 x 16 x 19.5 inches dimensions
  • Adjustable pressure via the control knob
  • Reversible tip makes cleaning easy
  • Built-in handle
  • Covers large areas faster
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Built-in handle for easy transportation
  • Easy to clean
  • Often clogs from thicker paints

If you are looking for an affordable, easy to clean and convenient to carry sprayer, then this is what you need.

5. Best Efficient Commercial Paint Sprayer - Titan 0580005 Paint Sprayer Review

During testing, this sprayer ensured that the paint was not being over-sprayed or wasted. It has a stainless steel pump that lasts for a long time without needing to be replaced. This saves any additional costs that you might need to spend.

The paint sprayer is very easy to use for beginners and is good for professional use as well. It also has a nice and stylish and compact design.  

We also liked that the sprayer was portable due to its lightweight. This allows the user to move around the area when spraying much more conveniently, saving time and effort.

Features of Titan 0580005 Paint Sprayer

  • 25 feet hose
  • 25 x 13.5 x 16 inches dimensions
  • Weighs 18.2 pounds
  • 0.55 horsepower
  • 1500 PSI maximum power
  • Long lasting pump
  • Efficient airless technology
  • Does not over-spray
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish design
  • Short hose

If you are looking for an easy to use, stylish and efficient product that does not over-spray, then this is what you should look for.

6. Best Versatile Commercial Paint Sprayer - Titan 580006 Paint Sprayer Review

We recommend this sprayer for getting the job done quickly while giving a good consistent finish. It handles thicker paints such as latex really well and still gives good textures.

The paint sprayer comes with a long 50 feet. hose but if you are looking for something even longer, it supports a 100 feet hose as well. We liked this feature because it allows you to conveniently move around and paint large surfaces. 

Additionally, it comes with a durable pump that can last much longer than other sprayers. The spraying tip also has an improved design which reduces paint wastage by about 55%.

Features of Titan 580006 Paint Sprayer

  • Weighs 37 pounds
  • Supports up to 100 feet hose
  • Supports up to 1500 PSI
  • 50 x 17 x 32 inches product dimensions
  • Can spray 0.33 gallons per minute
  • Durable
  • Long hose
  • Consistent finish
  • Reduced over-spray
  • It can use various spraying materials
  • Noisy

If you are looking for a paint sprayer that is long lasting, gives a fine finish and does not create a mess, then this is perfect for you.

7. Best Quality Commercial Paint Sprayer- Titan 0580009 Paint Sprayer Review

Due to the High Efficiency Airless Technology used in this sprayer, it has up to 55% less over-spray. The design of the sprayer also assists the user to easily carry it around without any hassle.

This paint sprayer comes with a 2 year warranty which can be really beneficial for you. We also liked that you can use unthinned paints without having to worry about clogs.

The 30 feet hose can help you reach tricky areas and also move around more freely. If this length does not meet your needs, you can attach a hose up to 80 feet for longer reach. 

Features of Titan 0580009 Paint Sprayer

  • Weighs 19.4 pounds
  • 30 x 13.5 x 16 inches dimensions
  • 30 ft. hose length
  • 0.6 horsepower
  • High Efficiency Airless Technology
  • Can use unthinned paints
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Portable
  • Does not need a lot of maintenance
  • Does not over-spray
  • Low pressure

If you are looking for a sprayer that does not over-spray and does not need much maintenance, then this is the product for you.

8. Best Portable Commercial Paint Sprayer - Graco Magnum 261815 ProX7 Review

The kit comes in the form of a cart that makes moving it around very convenient and less stressful. It also has a long 50 feet hose that allows the user to move around and spray areas that would normally be difficult to reach. 

Additionally, you can paint straight from the bucket which means that you will not have to refill when working on large surfaces. This can save a lot of time and effort of the user.

We also liked that this sprayer is very easy to clean and it can utilize various paints. Even if you use a thicker paint, this sprayer can handle it. 

Features of Graco Magnum 261815 ProX7

  • Weighs 44.7 pounds
  • 81.8 x 56.6 x 39.6 cm dimensions
  • 110 volts voltage
  • PowerFlush adapter for easy cleaning
  • 50 feet hose length
  • Easy to clean
  • Can use paint straight from the bucket
  • Versatile
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Good length of hose
  • Can often have a messy spray pattern

If you are looking for a versatile and easy to clean sprayer that has a big hose, then this is what you need.

9. Best Heavy-Duty Commercial Paint Sprayer - Wagner Spray TECH 805-000 Titan 440 Review

We were amazed that this paint sprayer comes with a 4 year warranty which means that you can get it replaced in case it breaks down. It is also very easy to clean due to its reversible spraying tip that can clean out clogs in no time.

Since its maximum pressure is very high, you  can use unthinned paints which will save you a lot of time and energy. This also means that you can use a wide variety of paint types.

The length of the hose is also very good which allows the user to move around without carrying it too much. This can help you in completing the job quicker.

Features of Wagner Spray TECH 805-000 Titan 440

  • Weighs 50 pounds
  • 18.5 x 23 x 18.5 inches dimensions
  • 120 volts voltage
  • 3300 psi maximum pressure
  • 50 feet hose length
  • Comes with a 4 year warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • You can use unthinned paints 
  • Good length of hose
  • Reletively expensive

If you are looking for a versatile product that has a good hose length and gives a lot of pressure, then this is the go-to product for you.

10. Best Commercial Paint Spray For Furniture - Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Review

On top of the impressive design, this paint spray is lightweight which makes it easy to carry. This can be very beneficial for the user because you can move around freely. This paint sprayer is also very affordable and good for DIY enthusiasts.

It comes with a 1 year warranty which is fantastic because you can get it replaced if something happens to it. This sprayer is versatile due to having various spraying patterns.

We also liked how good this paint sprayer was for indoor use especially for furniture. You can use it to paint walls, fences, cabinets and cupboards as well because it has multiple spraying patterns.

Features of Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray

  • 18.5 x 12 x 12 inches dimensions
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • 110 volts voltage
  • 1 Year warranty
  • 20 feet hose length
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Well suited for indoors
  • Lightweight
  • Good design
  • Hose small compared to the rest

If you are looking for a lightweight and affordable paint sprayer that has a good design, then this is perfect for you.

best commercial paint sprayer

Buyers’ Guide

We are now somewhat familiar with some of the top most commercial paint sprayers. But which one is the best for you? How will you know? So, when purchasing a commercial paint sprayer for your projects, given below are some of the things that you might want to look at before making a final decision.

Size of your Project

This is a significant thing to keep in mind when going to purchase a commercial paint sprayer. If you have a smaller sized project, then you need to consider sprayers with less power and an appropriate nozzle size. On the other hand, if you have a large scale project, you need to invest in a sprayer that has a good amount of power and multiple nozzles. If you keep this in mind, you should be able to get the sprayer that will best suit your needs.

Type of Paint Substance 

The type of paint substance relies upon the area that you want to paint. Keeping this in mind, you will need the correct size and quality of nozzle depending on the material that you will be using. Generally, outdoor projects need thicker paints than indoor projects. This will help you decide what kind of nozzle you require and which will meet your needs. 

Volume of Spraying

This means that the amount of paint that the sprayer uses from its container to the area that you are covering. If you have a large project, you will need to use something that has a higher coverage area because that will make life much easier for you and spray efficiently. On the other hand, if you need to cover a smaller area, then you might need to take a look at sprayers with less coverage so that you will not over-spray and waste paint. If you keep this in mind, you’ll find it much easier to complete tasks.

Capacity of Paint Storage

This is also an important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a paint sprayer. If you need a sprayer for smaller tasks, then a smaller capacity will be perfect for you as you will require less paint and investing in larger storage capacity will be costly. However, in case of a larger project, you should look at a sprayer with a larger storage so that you do not need to refill it as often and get the job done within a few refills.

Disturbance from the device

This factor depends on the model of the paint sprayer. Some are very quiet because they have silent turbines built-in them, while others can make a lot of noise. This again comes down to what kind of area you need to use the paint sprayer in. If you are working in your house or an area where noise will disturb people, you should invest in a noise-free paint sprayer. Keep you needs in mind when you are going to purchase a paint sprayer, they will help you choose the correct product for you.


Compatibility is one of the most important factors to consider before getting a paint sprayer. You should first decide what type of paint materials you will need for your project. After you have done that, you should research about the paint sprayers that are compatible with those types of paints. This can save you a lot of hassle if you do this beforehand. Otherwise you might end up buying the wrong paint sprayer that does not support the paints that you are planning to use and you will have to either replace all your paints or paint sprayer itself. This can cost you a lot for no reason, so be careful when deciding this factor.

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories are very beneficial for you. These things include items such as extensions, filters, extra nozzles or masks. Check to see if the sprayer that you are looking for provides extra accessories such as these because they can save you money and you will have additional accessories with you in case you ever need them. This depends on the model and the brand of the paint sprayer but most sprayers come with some kind of extra accessories. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Regular Grade and Commercial Paint Sprayers?

Commercial paint sprayers include longer hoses, a wide variety of nozzles and have  more usage capacity. These sprayers are more powerful and spray very efficiently as compared to the regular grade sprayers.

How does the Inclusion of Accessories Make the Spraying Experience Better?

Having the right accessories can help you and make your experience better. Certain accessories such as liquid formula conditioners can make your sprayer much more durable. Filters can help you give a better look and prevent any mess from being made. 

What are the Three Types of Paint Sprayers Available in the Market?

The three types of sprayers are compressed, High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) and airless paint sprayer. Compressed paint sprayers are best for furniture whereas airless sprayers are better for painting fences. HVLP are better for painting walls or doors.

What are the Accessories I can Expect to Come with a Commercial Paint Sprayer?

Depending on the model, many various accessories arrive with the paint sprayers. Commonly these include filters, hoses, protectants and additional nozzles. Some models may also include protective masks and extensions as well.

What is the First Thing to Consider While Buying a Commercial Paint Sprayer?

The first thing that you should look for when buying a sprayer is that if it offers a warranty. This can help you save a lot of money in case the sprayer has any issues with it. You can get the sprayer easily replaced in case it does not work as intended.

Other things to consider while buying a commercial paint sprayer?

You should keep an eye for things that will give you additional benefits. These things may include something like a case for the paint sprayer so it remains safe inside it. Other things may include things like additional tips or various spraying angles. 

Is it difficult to use the paint sprayer for beginners?

Not at all. Majority of the paint sprayers are very user-friendly and will come with a detailed instructional manual that will assist you in setting them up and using them. Usually, these instructions are very simple and easy to follow. 

In case of a clog, how should I fix it?

The first thing you need to do in case of a clog is to disassemble your paint sprayer and leave the nozzle/tip of the sprayer in water. After a few minutes, use a cotton bud to clean out the residue but make sure to do this while it’s still wet.

Can I work with paint sprayers inside my house?

Yes, you absolutely can work inside your house with a paint sprayer. But make sure that you are letting the air ventilate and wear a protective mask or a respirator. This allows you to be safe from the dangerous toxic fumes released by the sprayer.

What type of paint sprayer is the best for furniture?

According to our testing, the HVLP type of paint sprayers are best suited to spray paint furniture. This is due to the fact that they offer you precise painting and can give a fine texture if you carefully spray them on. 

Can I leave the paint in my sprayer overnight?

It is not recommended that you do this as it can cause multiple problems. The paint can dry inside which might end up clogging your sprayer. You should wash your sprayer when you are finished with your work or when taking prolonged periods of breaks.

What happens if I use the wrong filter for my nozzle in my sprayer?

This will cause the nozzle to continuously clog. This can cause damage over time as well and will force you to replace the nozzle. It will also cause the sprayer to paint unevenly and the end result will not look as good.

Should I replace my spray guns filter?

This depends on how long you have been using it for. Normally, you need to replace it depending on how dirty it is. If the filter is of a better quality, you will need to replace it often because it prevents a lot of dust. 

Should I paint my walls first or my ceiling? 

You should paint the walls first and then let them dry. After they are fully dry, you should cover them and then start working on the ceiling. This will help you out a lot since directly painting the ceilings is difficult if you have not done the walls yet. 

Final Verdict

The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer is our winner because it works great as a commercial sprayer. It is able to produce smooth quality finishes. Moreover, it is really easy to set up and gives an excellent value for money.

The things that set it apart from other products on the list are its unique features, its portability and its efficiency.

This brings us to the conclusion of our post on the Best Commercial Paint Sprayer.

We hope these reviews will help you make an informed decision on which paint sprayer best fits your needs.

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