Best Home Decor Ideas – 61+ Ways to Give Your Home a New Look (Guide, Tips, Pictures)

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Have you ever thought of giving your home a new look but do not know where to start? 

Well, here we have made a list of 61 decor ideas for you to revamp your home.

With this detailed compilation along with a complete guide, tips and pictures – you will be able to liven up your home and bring it to life.  

61+ Best Home Decor Ideas

The following are the best home decor ideas to breathe new life to your home: 

1. Say welcome with a vividly colored door

Say welcome with a vividly colored door

Your front door is the first line of sight for your guests and even for you. Nothing gives a warmer welcome than a vibrantly colored door. The yellow door in this picture certainly pops out with white walls and black stairs and attracts attention. 

2. Adorn your foyer

Adorn your foyer

Decorating your foyer can be a small step toward decorating your whole house. It can help you step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new ideas. The owner has used a lime-colored console table while showcasing the antique collection on top of it.  

3. Introduce throw blankets

Introduce throw blankets​

Introducing throw blankets on your sofas, couches, and even beds in the bedrooms always creates a sense of comfort. Especially in winters, throw-blankets can make your home feel more cozy. 

4. Slide a stool next to the bathtub to give a luxe look

Slide a stool next to the bathtub to give a luxe look​

As unusual as it sounds, placing a stool in your bathroom has many benefits. Not only does it give your bathroom a distinctive look, but it also provides more room to place your bathing essentials. For instance, placing towels, bathing salts, shampoos and soaps next to the bathtub makes it much more comfortable. 

5. Go bold in small spaces

Go bold in small spaces​

Going bold in small and tight places can give your home an incredible look. Take a leap of faith with bright and rich colors. Such as in this case, the designer has opted for a yellow pendant lamp to give this space an uplift. In addition, you can also use harmonious colors’ combination (colors that appear together on color wheels) to give a tender contrast. 

6. Etherealize bedroom using a bed canopy

Etherealize bedroom using a bed canopy​

Bed canopies have always been known to add a delicate touch to bedrooms. Hanging a canopy gives your bedroom an elegant look. Adding a canopy above your bed turns it from an ordinary place to a lavish personal zone. 

7. Reupholster furnishings

Reupholster furnishings​

Reupholstering your furniture is another way to revamp your house. It is inexpensive as compared to getting a whole new set of furniture and can give your home a facelift with the minimum effort. 

8. Draw attention to your room using a wallpaper

Draw attention to your room using a wallpaper​

Wallpapers are the best way to not only bring an accent wall to your house but also to give your rooms a bold-look. The modern wallpaper used in this bedroom enlivens the room by bringing color to it. 

9. Go for statement walls

Go for statement walls​

A statement wall is the focal point of a room while keeping other items on the more mellow side. We can see how the designer has opted for a brightly colored painting to keep all the attention towards it while blending it out with centerpiece and cushions.  

10. Amp up hallways with a gallery wall

Amp up hallways with a gallery wall​

Another way to decorate your hallway is to showcase your art or collectibles. This will give your hallway a unique look. The designer has displayed mirrors in this hallway to give it a unique facelift. 

11. Brighten up the room with attractive flooring

Brighten up the room with attractive flooring​

Giving your furniture an attractive base is yet another way to restyle your home. The designer has chosen a one-of-a-kind flooring plan for this home and has followed the same color scheme with the furniture. 

12. Spruce up the lighting

Spruce up the lighting ​

Replacing the old light fixtures with new ones can make a serious impact on your home decor. It can bring a new kind of energy into the room. The right light in your room is known to lift moods and make you feel more at ease.

13. Add floor lamps

Add floor lamps ​

Floor lamps add personality in your rooms. The perfect floor lamp will complement your reading nook, sofas, living room, etc. and will add character to it. 

14. Play with contrast

Play with contrast​

Instead of following a color scheme at all times, it’s good to go against this instinct and opt for contrasts. Over a bland backdrop, the designer has chosen gold-mustard and teal contrast to not only pop up the foreground but also to give it a fresh look. 

15. Bedroom benches never go out of trend

Bedroom benches never go out of trend​

Bedroom benches are a must to have in bedrooms. Not only do they provide a place other than the bed to perform multiple tasks, such as tying your shoes, but also room to place certain things. In addition, some benches also come with storage space to keep your things.  

16. Rejuvenate kitchen by installing a marble kitchen island

Rejuvenate kitchen by installing a marble kitchen island​

For a spacious kitchen, kitchen islands are a necessity. You can place stools to make it a small dining nook, and may also use it as a shelf. Some kitchen islands also come with storage space to keep utensils and other kitchen items. 

17. Reading nooks for your cozy Sunday

Reading nooks for your cozy Sunday​

For all the readers out there, you can easily create a reading nook in your homes. Just place a super comfortable chair close to your books and you are good to go.

18. Rethink bathroom mats

Rethink bathroom mats​

Adding life to your bathroom is just as important as other rooms. We can see how the addition of a bohemian-style mat has added the missing element to a white bathroom. 

19. Experiment with proportionality

Experiment with proportionality ​

Playing with proportionality can yield good results. Try choosing one thing larger than others. The designer has chosen a floor-to-wall bookshelf with low-lying sofas. 

20. Never an odd time for table runners

Never an odd time for table runners​

Table runners are never outdated. You can choose table runners that complement other decor items to give a blended theme. For instance, the designer has used this table runner to keep it relevant with the green wall as well as the cream-colored wall hanging.  

21. Black background

Black background​

Don’t be afraid to choose black. As unusual as black backgrounds sound, they provide a smooth palette to settle other things in. In this setting, the television sets perfectly with the background, while other grey hues complement it. 

22. Display your collectibles

Display your collectibles ​

Your collectibles are a part of you. It is never a bad idea to showcase the items that hold history with you. You can display your collectibles on shelves, or in a dresser. You can also hang them such as plates or vintage mirrors. 

23. Have fun with your 5th wall

Have fun with your 5th wall​

Don’t forget about your fifth wall, the ceiling. Many designers opt for a colorful ceiling to add more character to the room. You can either do that or use a wooden frame such as in this picture to give your ceiling a layer-ed effect. 

24. Fill up walls with floating shelves

Fill up walls with floating shelves​

Floating shelves are always a good idea if you want more space to store or display things, but do not have enough room on the floor to place showcases. You can install floating shelves in contrasting colors to amp up your room. 

25. Add color using colorful lights

Add color using colorful lights​

You can use unconventional colors of lights in your home to add some life to it. The choice of purple light in this decor idea has added a beautiful purple hue to the white walls, giving it a unique look. 

26. Green it up with plants

Green it up with plants​

Bringing nature indoors has its own perks. Green is known to freshen up the mood and soothe your nerves. Indoor plants not only add color but also relaxes your nerves. 

27. Wood or wicker?

Wood or wicker?​

Wicker is used to make outdoor furniture. Bringing it in gives your home a new look. Replacing wood with wicker provides warmth indoors and the texture beautifies the indoors. 

28. Fabric hangings are never outdated

Fabric hangings are never outdated​

Wall hanging made out of fabric is a great way to add a splash of color, texture, and pattern to space. The designer has used a fabric wall hanging to add texture to the living room which also gives a nice touch to the background. 

29. Florals and Orchids

Florals and Orchids​

Floral arrangements and orchids act as a great centerpiece on coffee tables, dining tables, and even on consoles. All you need to do is put flowers or orchids in an elegant vase and you are good to go. You can follow the theme of your space or go with contrast. 

30. Make it cozier by adding floor cushions

Make it cozier by adding floor cushions ​

Floor cushions are a great way to bring in cozy vibes to your home. They are a perfect way to add more sitting space when you have company over on a cold weekend night. You can throw in a couple of blankets as well to make it a snuggle-heaven.

31. Create a breakfast nook

Create a breakfast nook​

Dining rooms can feel too fancy for daily meals such as breakfast. Having meals on a breakfast nook is more comfortable, approachable and a great place to engage in conversations. 

32. Update bedding every once in a while

Update bedding every once in a while​

A task as simple as changing bedding of your room can do wonders on how it looks. Beds occupy most space in the room, so changing bedding can bring a drastic effect on your room’s outlook. 

33. Fill in the bookshelf

Fill in the bookshelf​

Empty bookshelves look bland and uninteresting. You can use many things other than books to fill up your shelves. For instance, the designer has used a penholder, a small plant and a decorative frame and antique items to give this bookshelf a fuller look. 

34. Floating furniture

Floating furniture ​

People are always more inclined toward the idea of furniture against the walls. However, in big spaces, that can look dull. Floating furniture away from walls and towards the center gives the room an intimate feel. 

35. Never out of trend with layered rugs

Never out of trend with layered rugs​

Layered rugs are a perfect way to introduce a statement texture to your space. They are the easiest way to add color and tone, and pattern to your rooms. 

36. Floor tables as coffee tables

Floor tables as coffee tables​

Low-laying floor tables act as the perfect coffee tables. They not only give a more cozy appeal but throw in a couple of floor cushions and you are ready to have company over. 

37. Rugs that change the aesthetics of your place

Rugs that change the aesthetics of your place​

Rugs can change the way a room is perceived. Larger rugs give an illusion of large space. This bohemian rug not only brings texture and color but also amps up the mood of an otherwise boring room. 

38. Go casual with dining chairs

Go casual with dining chairs ​

Putting up different chairs on your dining makes it look more casual and comfortable. Mix and match your dining chairs to breathe in a new life into your dining room.

39. Add fun colors in soft furnishings

Add fun colors in soft furnishings​

A monotonous setting may look elegant, but there is a very thin line between that and boring. Give a pop of color to your rooms by opting for fun and colorful drapes. 

40. Pop up the color with Black and White

Pop up the color with Black and White​

If you are not a big fan of colors but want to experiment with it, go for a black and white setting and introduce a couple of colorful decor items. The designer has opted for a floral centerpiece to pop up the black and white themed dining room. 

41. Large-scale art

Large-scale art ​

A large-scale art will set the tone of the room and attract attention towards it. The designer has utilized a whole wall to set the color scheme of the room and has then blended it out with furniture and cushions in this kids room.  

42. Introduce giant chalkboards

Introduce giant chalkboards​

A giant chalkboard is a perfect functional addition to a home office, kids’ playroom, and even kitchen. You can go bigger by painting an entire wall with a Write-Wall-Paint and create a writable surface. 

43. Personalized maps to make it more intimate

Personalized maps to make it more intimate

Introducing a big map of the world or the state you live in can bring an intimate effect to your space. You can mark the places that you have visited or that are on your bucket list.

44. Colourpop the kitchen cabinets

Colourpop the kitchen cabinets ​

You don’t have to keep following the idea of an all-white kitchen. It’s time to introduce the color palette to your kitchen by displaying colorful pottery, or by painting large surfaces with fun color such as these wooden cabinets or if you have a kitchen island.  

45. Curvilinear furniture

Curvilinear furniture​

The introduction of curvilinear furniture in your space gives it a chic look. The curves of the furniture pop up among the rectilinearity of the room and other objects around it. 

46. Checkered floors

Checkered floors​

The classic black and white checkered floor is the ultimate way to style your bathrooms. It is also perfect to give your kitchen a cottage or farmhouse style vibe. 

47. Mural on wall

Mural on wall​

As much as wallpapers are loved by everyone, murals are the ones that attract the attention of the room. You can either paint the motif by hand or select a wall covering, it will have a big impact. 

48. Geometric patterns to add a wow-factor

Geometric patterns to add a wow-factor​

Geometric patterns are always safe to use and add that missing wow-factor. They are simple yet unique and the right color scheme can give the room what it has been longing for. 

49. Introduce ottomans

Introduce ottomans​

If your room needs another seat but doesn’t have enough space, you can always go for an ottoman instead of the single-seat sofa. You can use this ottoman within your room’s theme or in contrast to give it a little color. 

50. Solid two-toned walls

Solid two-toned walls​

Give your space a contrast look by painting the wall in two solid shades. Keep the bottom one dark for depth (such as dark teal in this picture) and a lighter tone for the upper half. 

51. Higher drapes

Higher drapes

When hanging curtains and drapes, make sure they are no more than three inches below from the ceiling. Hanging drapes close to the ceiling gives the illusion of a high ceiling. 

52. Declutter for a simple look

Declutter for a simple look​

People start to clutter things over a period of time without realizing it. Therefore, decluttering is an essential home decor element. It is important that you get a set of new eyes to do it because you yourself might not realize the areas that need decluttering. 

53. Attractive centerpieces

Attractive centerpieces ​

Attractive centerpieces can build the whole mood of the room around them. They add texture to the otherwise dull tables. This centerpiece is the perfect representation of the fall or winter season. Similarly, a floral centerpiece will make your room ready for spring.  

54. Upgrade window coverings with light material

Upgrade window coverings with light material​

Gone are the days of thick drapes. Replace your heavy curtains with these light gauzy coverings. These allow the natural light to flush in and brighten up the room. 

55. Succulents and cacti

Succulents and cacti​

People who lead busy lives can still bring the greenery inside even if they do not have time to look after plants. Get a few succulents and cacti plants to display as these require minimum care.

56. Darker hues to add depth

Darker hues to add depth​

Darker walls have been known to give the illusion of depth. For instance, in this setting, the sofa is placed in front of a grey wall which appears to be the perfect place for it.

57. Go massive with mirrors

Go massive with mirrors​

Mirrors are used by designers as they help a small space feel bigger. Mirrors also brighten up the room by reflecting the light. 

58. Mount TV on the wall

Mount TV on the wall​

Mounting your flatscreen on the wall is a great way to free some space on your shelf, console or media cabinet and enhance the look of your room. 

59. Personalized canvas prints

Personalized canvas prints​

Your own personal canvas prints are a great way to decorate your home. They can bring a more sentimental and intimate feel to your home. Choose your family pictures and photos that show them at their happiest. 

60. Neutral shades for bigger furniture pieces

Neutral shades for bigger furniture pieces ​

Neutral shades are the skeleton of home decor. You can always start off safe with a neutral shade and build your theme around it. Choosing a neutral shade is recommended for bigger furniture pieces to not give the whole room a heavy look.

61. Horizontal shiplap

Horizontal shiplap​

Horizontal shiplap can give an illusion of expanded space rather than vertical ship laps. It also gives a contemporary feel to the environment. 

62. Cozy up the outdoors

Cozy up the outdoors​

Make outdoor decks and porches cozy by introducing indoor furnishings. Throw a couple of cushions and blankets and curl up with your favorite book outdoors. You can also light up a few candles to set the mood. 

What Can You Do to Give Your Home a New Look?


Redo your Walls

One of the most adopted ways to give your home a new look is to redo your walls. You can obtain this by painting, installing wallpapers or filling up walls with shelves. 

1. Paint solids and patterns

To paint your walls, you can follow the following instructions and tips:

  1. Prep is important:
  • Make sure you have moved everything out from the room, or placed it and the center. 
  • Cover everything with sheets to avoid getting paint on it. Remove any accessories on the walls, such as switch plates. 
  • Lay down the drop cloth and cover floor. 
  • Clean down the walls and tape the edges for a fine look. 
  1. Prime the walls with an even coat of primer and let it sit until it dries. 
  2. Start painting the walls. Start by mixing the paint thoroughly and filtering it through a gauze. 
  3. Use a smaller hand brush to cover the areas near the edges first. 
  4. Roll the paint on the walls starting from top to bottom.
  5. Do a second coat for a better finish after the first coat has dried up.
  6. To paint patterns, you can use stencils.

2. Use Wallpapers

Another way to turn your room from boring to fun is to use wallpapers: 

  1. Select the right wallpaper for your room. There are three kinds of wallpapers available:

    A. Vinyl wallpapers: It is easy to hang and is moisture resistant. This makes it ideal for bathrooms and basements.

    B. Embossed Wallpapers: These are textures wallpapers which may have patterns. These are perfect to cover any imperfections on the wall.

    C. Textile-base wallpaper: These are difficult to handle, but give a more professional effect.
  2. Choose the right pattern. If you wish to give an illusion of an expanded room, use horizontal patterns. To give a room a taller effect, we recommend that you opt for vertical patterns. 
  3. Prepare your walls by taking any switch plates off and removing any old wallpaper. After that, it is important that you thoroughly clean down the walls especially to take off any old adhesive. 
  4. The next step is to fill up any cracks or nail holes that might be there. You can apply a filler with a putty knife, and sand it smooth when dried. 
  5. Now, to apply the wallpaper, carefully line it up and press it firmly into the wall. 
  6. We recommend that you use a wallpaper brush to flatten out any wrinkles and eliminate air bubbles. Start from the middle and go outwards. Apply enough pressure to force the bubbles out at the edges. 
  7. Keep going with carefully matching the patterns for the next panel. We advise that you use a seam roller to properly adhere the wallpaper to the wall. Clean up excess glue with a wet sponge after letting wallpaper sit for about 15 minutes. 

Install new lighting


1. Incorporating LEDs for home use

LED lights are more popular than ever in home decor. Thanks to their energy efficiency, long-lasting life, and durability. Introducing LED lights to your home is a great way to make it energy efficient and stylish. 

  1. You can introduce LED strips to the kitchen. Attach them under the cabinets to show off open shelves or under the floor cabinets to lighten up your floor. 
  2. Bringing LED lights to the bathroom will make getting ready easy for you. With your choice of temperature for the light, from warm to cool. 
  3. Replace the bulbs in your recessed cans with LED bulbs for better quality of light.
  4. Introduce LED lighting to your bedrooms in the form of floor lighting, floor lamps, table lamps, etc.

2. Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights

Pendant lights are the perfect way to add on-trend style to your bedroom. Changing lights fixtures or introducing hanging globes can change the look of your home drastically. You can also replace your light fixtures with retro/industrial hanging lights to give a vintage vibe. 

Introduce nature in your home

Introduce nature in your home

Bringing nature indoors freshens up your entire home. Green color soothes the nerves and brings a calming tone to your home. Following are a few steps you can take to make insides greener:

  1. You can decorate your shelves and tables by planting succulents and cacti plants in small geometric pots. These plants are super easy to take care of and do not require constant care.
  2. You can also opt for low-light plants. These are perfect for indoors, although they do require proper watering. Ferns are a perfect example of low-light plants.
  3. Another indoor plant that you can always rely upon is the Air Plant also known as Tillandsia. It does not require any soil or any attention. All you have to do is keep them in water for a couple of hours every ten days or so and you are good to go. 

Bring outdoor upholstery inside

This may sound bizarre but is actually a really useful hack. If you are looking forward to reupholster your furniture, you might as well opt for material used for outdoor furniture. It is more durable as it is made to withstand all kinds of weather. It is perfect for home with kids as it also wipes out clean without much effort. 
Similarly, bringing outdoor furniture inside is the new trend that is catching up real fast. Not only can it endure daily wear and tear, it is also lightweight to move whenever you want. 


Adopting only a few above mentioned ideas can drastically change the look of your space. Step out of your comfort zone, use these home decor ideas and tutorials to excite up your homes and bring them out from a boring look.

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