Best Interior Decoration Ideas – 61 Ways to Decorate your Home

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We know how hectic it can be to decorate your home properly. 

Therefore, we have compiled the best interior decoration ideas to help you make an informed choice. 

Have a look at the following interior decoration ideas to get inspired for your home decor:

Best Interior Decoration Ideas - 61 Ways, Tips & Tricks

1. Amp up your entrance

Amp up your entrance​

Entrance of your home makes the very first impression. The designer has kept the entrance clear to create a feeling of openness. With that, the brightly colored carpet and flowers create a welcoming vibe. 

2. Pendant lights

Pendant lights​

Lights have been known to either give a facelift or totally bring it down. Pendant lights are one of the perfect choices for modern interior decor. Choose a design that is unique to attract attention and make them the focal point of your room.

3. Open-plan designs

Open-plan designs​

Open-plan designs are the perfect way to bring a feeling of openness to your space. Such interiors will make your home look more spacious. You can choose different rugs to represent a different part of the house in open plan designs. 

4. Add shine amid matte

Add shine amid matte​

Metallic accents add a sense of luxe to interior decor. Introducing metallic decoration pieces in an otherwise matt room brings a glamorous effect. 

5. Invite nature indoors

Invite nature indoors​

Having plants indoors brings a fresh look to your home. It is perfect if you want to return to a home that calms your nerves. Bringing greenery indoors also adds color to your home. 

6. Wallpapers and patterns

Wallpapers and patterns​

Decorating your home with an attractive and usual wallpaper design is the new trend. Such wallpaper design looks super impressive. The designer has chosen a green leafy wallpaper and has complemented it with a plant. To not make it too green, he has brought in mustard and blended it throughout the room.

7. Walls in two tones

Walls in two tones​

Dual-toned walls is another chic way to decorate your home. You can opt for two different but similar shades so it does not look too colorful. The designer has opted for a patterned black and white wall and a grey lower portion.

8. Experiment with contrasts

Experiment with contrasts

Giving your space a contrasting look is a great way to amp up your home. The trick to a good contrast is choosing hues that compliment each other in an intriguing and vibrant way. In this design the designer has played very carefully with earthy browns and refreshing blues and teals. 

9. Play with white wood-work

Play with white wood-work​

White woodwork is one of the core elements to achieve an elegant outlook of your home. Not only this, a white base allows you to play with different colors and makes it flexible for you to play with different themes. 

10. Blend prominent colors with decor

Blend prominent colors with decor

While following a specific color for your interior design, make sure you do not overdo it. The key to prevent this is to blend your theme through the room. For instance, the designer has blended the teal color of the statement wall through the room using soft furnishings and centerpieces. 

11. Hardwood flooring never goes out of trend

Hardwood flooring never goes out of trend

Hardwood flooring is the safest way to achieve statement floors. These are never outdated and bring a luxe feel to your home. You can decide different patterns of hardwood flooring for different rooms of the house. 

12. Showcase your collectibles

Showcase your collectibles

Showcasing your collectibles is another great way to change the look of your home. Display the things that hold a special place in your heart on your shelves or fireplace mantels.

13. Revive mundane spaces

Revive mundane spaces

Liven up the dead places in your home. You can place a small bench with a few plants in tight places at your home and make it a cozy corner. 

14. Try wicker for wood

Try wicker for wood

Bringing wicker inside is the new trend that is catching up fast. Wicker brings earthy texture and hues to indoors, making them more comfortable. It also brings with itself a natural look. 

15. Floor-to-ceiling shelves

Floor-to-ceiling shelves

Introducing floor-to-ceiling shelves bring character to the room. It can provide a unique backdrop for your room. You can also fill up these shelves to reflect your personality. 

16. Upgrade the light switches and sockets

Upgrade the light switches and sockets

Upgrading small things such as even lights and sockets can bring a drastic change. This is one of the easiest ways to bring a newer and a neater look to your home. Replace the switch plates with more elegant ones to amp up your whole house. 

17. Blend in the theme of your interiors

Blend in the theme of your interiors

Just as you would blend out the major color of the room, it is also important that to blend out any other theme that it follows. For instance, the designer incorporated a stone wall in this interior design. He has used the same theme and blended it out very effectively. He followed the same earthy color scheme and chose to go with a stone centerpiece.  

18. Get an antique to tie together the whole place

Get an antique to tie together the whole place

Antiques play a very special role in interior decoration, that nothing else can. They bring the whole place together and bring a kind of warmth to it. For instance, the globe and trunk in this setting add a different kind of touch to the bedroom. 

19. Old and new go hand in hand

Old and new go hand in hand

You do not have to get everything new while decorating your house. In fact, the old and the new go hand in hand. The designer has very elegantly put the whole place together using new and old vintage pieces. While the modern pieces occupy place at the shelves, the globe and gold vase bring it all together. 

20. Incorporate shiplap

Incorporate shiplap​

Shiplaps tend to create a feeling of extension in the given space. Horizontal shiplap makes the room look bigger, while a vertical shiplap gives an illusion of a higher ceiling. 

21. Decluttered light fixtures

Decluttered light fixtures

Gone are the days of heavy light fixtures and chandeliers. Designers now opt for elegant, wispy and decluttered light fixtures that accent the the rooms. 

22. Go with metallic accents

Go with metallic accents

A reflective surface tends to add charm to your room. You can go with a metallic lamp, such as in this setting. You can also introduce furniture with a reflective surface to make it look more elegant.

23. TV mounted against the wall

TV mounted against the wall​

Mounted television always adds a sleek effect to your room settings. It is a great way to not make your space look too crowded. If you do not have enough room for a media console, mount your TV on your wall and you are good to go.

24. Luxe it up with velvet

Luxe it up with velvet​

To add a luxurious feel to your home, velvet furnishing it the perfect choice. Not only does it add a soft texture to your setting, you can also use it to bring color to your room. The designer has chosen royal blue velvet upholstery for ottomans that pop up in the room of neutral shades. 

25. Low-lying furniture pieces for a cozy vibe

Low-lying furniture pieces for a cozy vibe

Low lying furniture gives your space a cozy and comfortable look. They are perfect for company, you can throw a few floor cushions around a low lying coffee table and you are good to go. 

26. Go bold with statement rugs

Go bold with statement rugs

Rugs decide the vibe of the room. Going bold with a statement rug can really bring character to your room. Big rugs also give the illusion of an expanded space. For instance, the designer has chosen a bright rust rug, on which most of the furniture has been placed. This gives the room an entirely different look.

27. Choose gauzy curtains to let the sunbeam do its work

Choose gauzy curtains to let the sunbeam do its work

Choosing light curtains for your windows can really brighten up your space. We recommend that you opt for gauzy curtains in rooms with dark interiors. Such as in this setting, to brighten up the brown interior, the designer went for delicate drapes to allow sunlight to come in. 

28. Go neutral with staples

Go neutral with staples

Opting for neutral and nude shades for big furniture is always a safe option. We advise you to choose a shade close to the shade of walls. Neutral shade also provides you with a canvas to decorate your rooms with another contrasting color. Such shades also make foreground items pop up.

29. Set up gallery wall

Set up gallery wall​

A gallery wall is one thing in your house that will reflect your personality. Display your favourite artwork and intimate canvas prints on your walls. You can also add small floating shelves and place frames and small antique items on them.

30. Opt for darker shades to add depth

Opt for darker shades to add depth​

Dark colors give an illusion of depth. If you have multiple furniture items, opting for dark colors makes it look more spacious. 

31. Throw in sheepskin and blankets

Throw in sheepskin and blankets

Throw blankets and sheepskins bring a cozy vibe to your space. Introducing them to your bedrooms and living rooms create a comforting atmosphere. This is the simplest way to make your home ready for snuggle-weather. 

32. Rule of three for centerpieces

Rule of three for centerpieces

Centerpieces bring together your whole room, may it be dining or living. We advise you to make this rule of three your motto for interior decoration. Centerpieces consisting of three items tend to attract the attention of the guests, as these neither look too big, nor too small. 

33. Tall furniture gives the illusion of a higher ceiling

Tall furniture gives the illusion of a higher ceiling

You can make a small look place big by opting for taller furniture. Not only does this allow you to play with proportionality, it also adds an extraordinary look to your space. 

34. Hang curtains higher

Hang curtains higher

While hanging drapes, we advise you to place the curtain rod at no more than 3 inches below the ceiling. This creates an illusion of a higher ceiling. We also advise you to choose the drapes that run down all the way to the floor, even if the window does not. This provides a smooth texture throughout.

35. Switch chairs for benches

Switch chairs for benches

Replacing a few chairs with a bench for outdoor dining can bring a very effective casual vibe. You can follow the same color scheme as that of the rest of the dining to develop a sense  of consistency. 

36. 50/150 rule for stripes

50/150 rule for stripes ​

When trying to opt for a unique statement wall, stripes never go out of fashion. Rather than deciding on two different colors for the stripes, choose two different shades of the same color. The trick is to use one shade 50% lighter and the other shade 150% darker. It is a foolproof way when it comes to painting perfect stripes. 

37. Geometric forms and patterns

Geometric forms and patterns​

Geometric forms and patterns are a new way to add a fresh and intriguing touch to your home. These patterns bring balance and harmony to the living space, and ensure a neat outlook. 

38. Use mirror panels

Use mirror panels​

Mirror panels have proved to be an integral part of modern interior. Not only do these brighten up the room, but also make your space look bigger. Vertical mirror panels in this design give a feeling of a spacious bedroom.

39. Introduce floor lamps

Introduce floor lamps

Introducing elegant floor lamps as a part of your interior decor is another way to amp up your home. These not only reflect your personality but also bring the whole place together. 

40. Bring indoors outside

Bring indoors outside

As absurd as this sounds, it actually works out very well. You can create an intimate living space outdoors in your backyard or front porch to have a fun time with family and friends. You can also add candles, throw pillows and blankets to create a home-like feeling outdoors on a cold night. 

41. You can never go wrong with black and white

You can never go wrong with black and white

Black and white color scheme is never outdated. This color scheme gives a very classic look to your home interior. It also provides a soft palette to add any other colors if you want. 

42. Create a vertical herb garden for your kitchen

Create a vertical herb garden for your kitchen

Creating a vertical kitchen garden is an effective way to introduce greenery in your home and also benefit from home-grown herbs. You can place a few small pots along the window sill in your kitchen and grow your favorite herbs such as coriander and mint. 

43. Bedroom benches for additional space

Bedroom benches for additional space

Bedroom benches are a great addition to your home. Most of the benches come with a storage space underneath the seat. These provide additional seating if you do not have enough room to place chairs.   

44. Introduce ottomans to your living space

Introduce ottomans to your living space​

Ottomans are a great way to add additional seating to your living room, if you do not have enough space for another chair or do not want it to be crowded. These are also perfect to add color to your living space and mix it up a little. 

45. Paint your door the right color

Paint your door the right color​

The right color of your front door can have a huge effect on the mood. The right color is the one that feels welcoming and compliments the surroundings. 

46. Create a comfortable reading nook

Create a comfortable reading nook

If you are a bookworm, reading nook is a must-have. It is super easy to create a reading nook. Just grab your favorite comfortable chair and place it in your favorite corner of the house, next to your bookshelf, and you are good to go. 

47. Replace bathroom mats with colorful runners

Replace bathroom mats with colorful runners ​

As elegant as white bathrooms look, adding a little color never hurt anyone. If you do not want to go with a color permanently, try to add colors with removable things. The designer has opted for a blue rug to add color to the bathroom, and has blended it out using a blue mirror frame and a decoration piece. 

48. Temporary additional counters in the bathroom

Temporary additional counters in the bathroom

Placing a table next to your bathtub is a great way to introduce additional room for bathroom essentials. Since the designer has chosen a claw-foot bathtub for this bathroom, placing a small table to hold your things is very effective. 

49. Introduce marble tops for kitchen shelves

Introduce marble tops for kitchen shelves

Marble tops in the kitchen have been known to bring a special sheen and elegance. Marble can be used for kitchen shelves as well as kitchen islands. 

50. Display large-scale art

Display large-scale art​

While a good gallery wall is never outdated, hanging large-scale art brings a different kind of aura to the space. It sets the mood and becomes the focal point of the rooms.

51. Showcase intimate canvas prints

Showcase intimate canvas prints

Your personal prints can bring out the character of your home when displayed. They can bring a sentimental feel to your home. You can also hang up something that holds a special place in your heart. 

52. Display personalized maps

Display personalized maps

Hanging maps is the perfect way to showcase your inner traveler. You can mark the places you want to visit or have visited. You can also hang the maps of your home-state. This will bring an intimate effect to your home. 

53. Go for murals rather than wallpapers

Go for murals rather than wallpapers​

While wallpapers are in big time, wall murals are famous interior decoration treatments. If you want to refresh your room or change its look completely, wall mural is a simple way to update your wall decor. 

54. Funky furniture

Funky furniture​

Choosing colorful and funky furniture is one of the perfect ways to amp up your place. It is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. With a bland background, funky furniture will be the focus of your interior decoration. 

55. Dine with mix-n-match chairs

Dine with mix-n-match chairs

Mixing up dining chairs is a great way to create a comfortable eating area. Different chairs around the table give a casual feel. This will make your guests feel more welcome and create a friendly atmosphere.

56. Go big with a statement wall

Go big with a statement wall​

You can always introduce a statement wall to your home interiors and make it the focal point of your home. The designer has opted for a painting to attract all the attention to the wall, while keeping the rest of the room soft. 

57. Breakfast nook that says good morning to you

Breakfast nook that says good morning to you​

You cannot eat breakfast on a fancy dining table daily, therefore breakfast nooks are a great addition to your home. Place a table, a couple of stools or chairs facing out the window and you have yourself a breakfast nook. 

58. Spruce up by adding curvilinear furniture

Spruce up by adding curvilinear furniture ​

Furniture with little curves is never outdated. Introducing curvilinear furniture in your space can bring a calming vibe to it. The curvilinear furniture pops up in the rectilinearity of rooms. 

59. Add color with throw cushions

Add color with throw cushions

If you wish to add colour to an otherwise neutral room, go with throw cushions. Choose such a color for cushion that will compliment your walls, sofas, couch, and rugs. 

60. Make it vibrant with orchids

Make it vibrant with orchids​

Orchids and florals are a great way to add color to your rooms. You can opt for a contrasting color or choose any color that follows the theme of your room. These also make great centerpieces for seasons like summer and spring. 

61. Give your home office a makeover

Give your home office a makeover​

Giving your home office a new look will make you excited for work. The designer has set up this home office with a pin-board, a sleek table, and has brought the whole thing together with a vintage style globe. 

How can you decorate your home?


Revamping your walls

Giving your walls a makeover can change the look of your house. New walls bring a fresh feel to the house and liven up your home. 

Painting patterns and solids

Solids and patterns both brighten up the place. Patterns bring a fun feeling to the rooms, while solid shades are more mellow and soothe the nerves. You can follow following step to paint walls:

  1. When painting, make sure you have prepared thoroughly for it.
    – Cover everything you don’t want paint to get on.
    – Remove all the accessories on the wall such as light switches etc.
    – Tape the trims and window frames for a neat look. 
  2. Prime the walls for an even coat of paint. 
  3. Filter the paint to make sure there are no solid particles. Before painting, mix it well. We recommend that you box the paint so that there is no difference of shade.
  4. Paint the edges first using a smaller paint brush. 
  5. Fill in the color by using a roller, and go from top to bottom. 
  6. Give it another coat if needed. 
  7. For patterns, we recommend that you use stencils. 

Installing wallpapers 

Wallpaper is another way to give your home a chic look. You can follow the following step to install wallpaper: 

  1. Select the right wallpaper: 
  2. Vinyl wallpapers are readily available, easy to install and are moisture resistant. This makes them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. 
  3. Embossed wallpapers are textured wallpapers, commonly used to cover any imperfection in the wall.
  4. Textile-based wallpaper gives a neat and professional effect, but is very difficult to install. 

In addition to the right type, it is also important that you select the right pattern for your home. A horizontal pattern will give an expanded effect to your space, while a vertical one will create an illusion of higher ceiling. 

  1. Prepare your walls for wallpaper installation by cleaning them thoroughly. Make sure there is no old residual glue. 
  2. Fill any crack and holes that might be in the wall. Use a filler and a putty knife to fix them. Sand them after the filler has dried up to make the surface smooth. 
  3. Next step is the application of wallpaper. Line it up carefully, leaving 2-3 inches unglued at the edges. Press it firmly on the wall. Use wallpaper brush to get rid of wrinkles and air bubbles. Press it outward, going from the center to the edges. 
  4. Carefully apply the next panel, so that it aligns with the pattern of the panel next to it. 

Installing shelves 

To fill up empty walls, you can always install floating shelves. If you wish to have more room to place your stuff, but do not desire to use a console, floating shelves are the best option. 

Lighting matters

You might take this lightly, but lighting matters a lot. 

Opt for newer elegant switch plates

You can start by updating your switch plates. Unscrew the old ones and install new switchplates. If your room has sober colors, you can opt for metallic plates for an elegant look. 

LED lights 

LED lights are the new trend that everyone seems to follow. You can install them behind your hangings, under the shelves, over kitchen counters and even below the kitchen cabinets to brighten up your room. 

These are being widely adopted by people as they consume less energy and provide different temperatures of light. 

Hanging bulbs 

Hanging bulbs are a great addition to your space. They give a retro/industrial vibe. They come in various styles that can change the way your room is perceived by others. 

Introduce Indoor Plants

Succulents and cacti

We recommend that you opt for succulents and cacti for home decor. These do not require high maintenance and can be plotted in small pots for small places.


Orchids are beautiful flowers in different colors that bring a sophisticated look to your house. Orchid arrangements are perfect for your spring/summer centerpieces. Just place a few stems in a vase and you have a beautiful orchid arrangement. 


Floral arrangement is a perfect way to beautify your home and impress your friends and family. They are the ideal way to brighten up your accent tables and consoles.


Brighten up your homes and give them an intriguing look by adopting these ideas. Utilize and implement these ideas to spruce up your living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and all the other parts of your house. Not only will these brighten your mood when you come home from a long day at work, but will also impress your guests. 

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