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Have you ever thought about renovating your cabinets? 

But have been driven away by the thought of it ending as a sloppy paint job? Or if the paint will turn out smooth or leave stroke marks? Or how many coats till a fine finish? What if the job leaves unpleasant paint-runs? 

To counter all these apprehensions, we have a perfect solution for you. The answer to your problem is “Paint Sprayers”

Our team tested out many paint sprayers and filtered out the best ones for you.

Top Pick

Our winner is one of the most unique paint sprayers, that comes with 2-in-1 ability. It can be bottom feed or gravity.

Runner Up

Our runner up is our favorite when it comes to feasibility, professional outcomes and having maximum features.

Also Great

This simple paint sprayer is also great for our do-it-yourself friends. It is extremely handy and comfortable to use and clean.

We reviewed many paint sprayers and have picked out our favorite ten.

Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets - Top 10 Reviews


Here are our top ten choices:

1. Most Versatile Paint Sprayer for Cabinets - Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro Review

Cannot decide which type of paint sprayer to get, gravity feed or bottom feed? 

Well, how about you get a two-in-one unit, and that too with sustainability and versatility.

The Fuji 2202 paint sprayer is convertible. That means it can convert the bottom feed cup into a gravity feed cup and the other way around with little effort. 

The stainless steel makes it compatible with all kinds of paints. This special feature makes it suitable for all kinds of jobs. 

Our team found this paint sprayer, without any doubt, one of the most versatile paint sprayers. This paint sprayer is the way to meet all your DIY needs. You will not find a better paint sprayer in this price range. It comes with a powerful 2-stage system. 

Features of Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro – Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

  • Non-bleed paint sprayer
  • HVLP 2-stage system
  • Adjustable fan control to control pattern and its size (vertical, horizontal and circular, with 1” circular to 12” oval)
  • Includes 1 Quart bottom feed cup, 400 cubic cm gravity feed cup
  • Comes with 0.8 mm to 2 mm air caps 
  • Convertible from bottom feed to gravity feed and vice versa
  • 25 ft. hose equipped with air control valve
  • Produces satisfying results
  • Disassembles easily for a fast clean up
  • Multiple air caps allow the use of differently viscous materials
  • Very versatile because of convertible feature
  • Adjustable control knob
  • Reduced overspray
  • Long hose and carry handle of the system make work at site easy
  • Pricey
  • Noisy for indoors

We found this paint spray ideal for small as well as large scale projects. Not only is it perfect for painting furniture, cabinets etc. but also for painting walls and ceilings. 

2. Best Time-Saving Paint Sprayer for Cabinets - Rexbeti Ultimate-750 Review

We tested many paint sprayers and found this one perfect for your DIY needs, for small as well as large projects. It has a decent-sized motor of 500 watts power. The power of this magnitude lets you paint the thickest coats. 

We loved this paint sprayer for its versatility regarding nozzle tip sizes and spray patterns. It also offers a plethora of features and is relatively simple to use and clean.

Features of Rexbeti Ultimate-750

  • 500-watt power motor
  • 1 liter capacity of paint container
  • Offers three spray patterns: Vertical, horizontal, round
  • Equipped with 3 nozzle sizes: 2.00 mm and 2.5 mm (for thin paints), 3.00 mm (for thicker paints)
  • Adjustable flow control with control knob
  • 6.6 ft. long cord
  • User-friendly, handheld paint sprayer
  • Longer cord saves time by letting you move freely in a larger space
  • Designed to allow adjustable flow
  • Detachable design for easy and quick cleaning
  • Inexpensive
  • Thinning of paint is required
  • May require the user to buy more containers for prolonged use

For our home renovators and DIYer friends, this paint sprayer is for you if you want maximum features within an affordable price range. It lets you use multiple materials such as latex, chalk paint etc., and gives promising results with perfect finish and least overspray. We believe that this product is worth buying and adding to your home tools.

3. Ideal Paint Sprayer for Beginners - Critter Spray 22032 Review

We highly recommend this paint sprayer for small home-based jobs. It is ideal for smaller tasks such as painting cabinets, furniture, etc. However, it is not suitable for even slightly bigger tasks such as painting a wall. 

It is super small and handy and comes with a glass mason jar as its container. Its simple design makes it easier to use and convenient to clean. 

Features of Critter Spray 22032 

  • Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 9 inches
  • Compressor mounted siphon paint sprayer 
  • Attaches to 16-ounce mason jars
  • Requires 3 cubic feet per minute at a 90 psi
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds
  • Very inexpensive
  • Uses easily available mason jars as canisters
  • Perfect for little tweaks around the house without spending a lot of money
  • Easy to clean up and use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Does not come with a compressor  but requires one
  • Requires paint refill very often

If you want to get a few small odd jobs done around the house in a budget-friendly way, this paint sprayer is the way to go. It does a very good job for its cost and can be used with latex paints, lacquers, etc. 

4. Best Paint Sprayer with Professional Finish - Wagner 0518050 Review

Wagner SprayTech is renowned to fulfill their customer demands regarding DIY as well as professional contractor projects.

Our team tested and reviewed this paint sprayer, and found it very simple to use. It took us barely 5 minutes to assemble it and merely 10 minutes to get it cleaned. It is a great tool for small to medium painting jobs, providing a perfect finish. 

Features of Wagner 0518050

  • 2-Stage indoor/outdoor air-turbine
  • Uses HVLP low overspray technology
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Offers three spray patterns: vertical, horizontal, circular 
  • Variable control-trigger patterns within 1 to 10 inches
  • Comes with 2 attachable plastic containers: 1 quart and 1.5 quart
  • Lock n Go technology makes it super easy to clean
  • Coverage: 4.9 fl. oz. /min
  • Simple to maneuver and set up
  • Lock n Go Technology offers hassle-free cleanup
  • Affordable
  • Versatile as the two containers are compatible with various materials
  • Adjustable spray patterns for all kinds of jobs
  • Controlled flow of material provides a perfect finish
  • Some users may find it heavy

If you are looking for a paint sprayer that gets the job done quickly with the best coverage, this product is for you. It is perfect for small indoor jobs such as painting cabinets, furniture, etc. to slightly bigger exterior jobs for instance painting walls; and gives the professional finish you have been looking for. 

5. Best Paint Sprayer with Controlled Flow - Wagner 0518080 Review

Let’s get straight to the point here, this paint sprayer is the one to satisfy your inner perfectionist. 

Its adjustable settings and variety of patterns let you receive the perfect finish, with virtually zero overspray. Not only this, but the air filters also prevent dust particles from affecting the finish. 

Its incredible control settings get a number of jobs done, from painting a piece of furniture to a wall and everything in between; and with all the different kinds of materials.

Features of Wagner 0518080

  • HVLP technology atomizes paint particles to give a fine finish
  • Two-stage powerful turbine system
  • Variable pressure control (1.50-2.63 psi)
  • Material flow adjuster with 10 levels to allow desired flow of paint
  • Three spray directions: Vertical, horizontal, round, with variable patterns from 0.5 to 12 inches wide
  • Includes 20 ft. flexible hose 
  • Comes with 1 Quart metallic and 1.5 Quart plastic cup
  • Lock n Go technology enables faster clean up
  • Includes a viscosity cup to set paint sprayer according to the material
  • Allows painting with thinner as well as thicker materials
  • Adjustable settings result in perfect finish
  • Reduced overspray
  • Versatile in spray patterns
  • Easy clean up lets you switch between materials in no time
  • Lightweight, affordable and easy to maneuver
  • Not suited for large scale projects
  • Power cord might be shorter than desired

This paint sprayer is the one to fulfill all your DIY and residential touch-up requirements and gives you the professional finish that you deserve. 

6. Best Paint Sprayer with High-Speed Performance - Graco Magnum 262805 X5 Review

Graco is one of the finest brands to offer its clients with the best products in the market. This paint sprayer acquires airless technology, therefore it is more powerful, quick and covers larger areas. This feature makes it ideal for outdoor use, however, it can also be used indoors. 

Features of Graco Magnum 262805 X5

  • Airless paint sprayer with controlled pressure
  • Comes with Power Flush Adapter which can be attached to a garden hose for quick clean up 
  • Offers Stainless Steel Piston Pump
  • Reverse-a-Clean feature unclogs tip plugs within a second
  • Flexible suction tube lets you spray directly from the paint bucket
  • Performance rating: 0.27 gal/min 
  • Motor with 1/2 hp, Maximum pressure: 3000 psi
  • 75 ft. hose length
  • Durable and simple to use
  • Power Flush Adapter provides easy cleanup
  • Does not require refilling because it uses hose instead of container
  • Long hose for better reach
  • Versatile regarding adjustable control
  • Easily uncloggable thanks to RAC tip
  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump supports unthinned paints
  • More effective for outside use
  • Although the manual says that thinning is not required, but it might clog

For cost-efficient and high-speed performance, this product is one of the best. It is ideal for any DIYer, home renovator, or even professional handyman. 

7. Best Semi-Pro Paint Sprayer - Earlex HV5500 Review

Next up, we have one of the best paint sprayers for our semi-professional users and home renovators. This product not only gives you a factory finish but is also compatible with most of the paints and materials. 

On testing, it fulfilled all the requirements of our team, offering minimal overspray, a fine finish and proving itself useful for all kinds of small to medium-scaled jobs. 

Features of Earlex HV5500

  • HVLP technology
  • Metal spray gun with 750-watt turbine to generate 42 cubic feet per minute at a pressure of 2.2 psi
  • 13 ft. hose and 5.5 ft. cord
  • Supports on-board storage for spray gun, hose, and cord
  • Comes with 2.0 mm stainless steel needle and 1 quart PTFE coated material container
  • Push-and-click mechanism allows fast switching between vertical, horizontal and round patterns
  • Adjustable settings thanks to flow control dial
  • Fan width from 1 to 12 inches
  • Simple to clean up
  • Portable thanks to carry-handle
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • No thinning of material required
  • Stellar control over the amount of material
  • There is no clamping mechanism for hose, so blunt arm movements should be avoided.
  • More tip options would have been more useful

You should definitely get this because it offers an amazing factory finish. This easily portable unit allows you to work anywhere. This paint sprayer can get various jobs done may it be wood-working projects, home-improvement touch-ups, or simple DIY tasks.

8. Best User-Friendly Paint Sprayer - Graco Magnum 257025 Review

For a professional experience, we highly recommend this paint sprayer for you. Not only does this eliminate the need for a paint container, but thanks to its powerful suction tube and inbuilt filters, you can easily use the material straight from a 1 or a 5 gallon bucket.

The long hose also eradicates the need of carrying the paint bucket with you while you move around, making this paint sprayer super easy to work with and one of our team’s favorites. 

Features of Graco Magnum 257025

  • Pressure controlled Airless paint sprayer
  • Flush Adapter for a fast clean up 
  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump lets you use unthinned material at high pressure
  • Reverse-a-Clean feature clears tip plugs with a twist in an instant
  • Flexible suction tube lets you spray directly from paint bucket
  • Compact design with hook so everything can be carried altogether
  • Performance rating: 0.24 gal/min 
  • Strength of motor: 3/8 hp, Maximum pressure: 2800 psi
  • 50 ft. hose length
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Easy cleanup thanks to Power Flush Adapter 
  • Hose instead of container eliminates the requirement of refilling
  • Better reach due to long hose
  • Adjustable control and patterns increase versatility
  • Easily uncloggable thanks to RAC tip
  • Unthinned paint supported thanks to Stainless Steel Piston Pump
  • A finer tip might be required for household tasks
  • With hose and suction tube, a good amount of paint might get wasted in the equipment 

This paint sprayer is for you if you want a professional experience with the best outcome. Easy to use and convenient to clean, we recommend this paint sprayer to all our home renovators and DIY weekend warriors.

9. Best Entry-Level Paint Sprayer - Earlex HV1900 Spray Station Review

Earlex HV1900 is the tool for every entry-level painter who wants superb professional results. This paint sprayer is easily movable with its small and light spray gun and its turbine that comes with inbuilt carry-handle. 

Features of Earlex HV1900 Spray Station

  • Turbine size: 400 W
  • 2.00 mm brass needle tip
  • Hose length of 2.7 m
  • Cable length of 2.0 m
  • Pot capacity of 1 liter
  • Variable paint flow dial to adjust the flow
  • Three adjustable spray patterns: Vertical, horizontal, round
  • 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm needle tips also available for other jobs
  • Lightweight, small and compact thus easy to move and store
  • Versatile 
  • Hassle-free cleanup
  • Very cost-effective
  • Only for small to medium project
  • Thinning of material is required

Our final verdict for this paint sprayer is: It is for you if you are a newbie to spraying business and yet still a perfectionist who wants the finest professional finish.

10. Best Paint Sprayer with Multiple Patterns - Wagner 0417005 Review

This paint sprayer is easy to set up and super quick to clean up. It took us merely 5 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to clean up after the job had been done, which is, in fact, typical of a Wagner Paint Sprayer. 

It is ideal for thin-bodied materials such as stains and sealers and gives a reliable performance each time you use it.

Features of Wagner 0417005

  • HVLP with airpower technology
  • High-speed turbine
  • Three-position air-cap for vertical, horizontal and round pattern
  • Lock n Go technology for quick clean up
  • Controlled material flow with variable trigger
  • Fan width from half to 6 inches
  • Comes with 1 Quart plastic cup
  • Feasible to use
  • Easy to clean up thanks to Lock n Go technology
  • Fine finish due to controlled flow
  • Saves time as material flows 4.1 oz. per minute
  • Container holds enough material to get a small job done without refill
  • Affordable
  • Thinning of material is required
  • Only suitable for small scale home-based projects

This paint sprayer is perfect for your home-based odd jobs and a little retouching here and there around the house. 

best paint sprayer for cabinets


Buyers’ Guide


We know how frustrating it gets to make a choice regarding paint sprayers, therefore here are the things you need to consider while making the best choice for yourself.

Variety of Paint Sprayers available 

When you are out there looking for your perfect paint sprayer, you should know its type and what job is it best for.

Instead of beating around the bush we will get straight to the point. There are three types of paint sprayers that are most commonly used for painting cabinets:

Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers use a lot of pressure to atomize the material and then push it through the nozzle. The amount of paint flowing is usually a lot and therefore they are more useful in large scale projects where you want to get the job done quickly.

Most airless paint sprayers however are not recommended where intricate work is required, as these are for a large volume of work. 

However, if you are an amateur with a sound budget, this is for you.

HVLP Paint Sprayer

These are High Volume Low Pressure paint sprayers and are the perfect choice for home-based small scale jobs. It is the exact opposite of Airless paint sprayers. Instead of using high pressure, it uses very minimal pressure to produce higher volumes. 

These paint sprayers excel at precision and are ideal for up-close work. 

Compressed Air Paint Sprayers

These paint sprayers produce relatively thinner coatings. They are a little outdated due to certain cons. The compressed air causes a lot of overspray, that means more cleaning up afterwards. 

They also do not support thicker paints and may cause frequent clogging.

Adjustable Pressure in Paint Sprayers 

Pressure adjustability is a key factor to consider while buying a paint sprayer. 

Here is the deal:

While working you would want as much flexibility as possible. Adjustable pressure allows you to change the rate of flow of the material, the thickness of paint mist and the patterns, may it be vertical, horizontal or round.

The pressure is associated with the horsepower of the device. This means, the higher the horsepower, the more powerful the motor. A powerful motor is responsible for thicker and more outflow of the paint than a motor with smaller horsepower.


You would want to get a  paint sprayer with a good filter system as it reduces the chances of clogging and increases the life of your paint sprayer.

It allows you to work without the hassle of unclogging the paint sprayer over and over again. This increases the efficiency of your work and saves you a lot of time. 


The cup-paint sprayers are the ones concerned with capacity. For small-scale jobs such as painting cabinets and furniture, cup-paint sprayers are widely used.

Naturally, you would want to buy the paint sprayer with maximum capacity, but here’s the kicker:

The greater the capacity, the more uncomfortable and difficult it will be to keep a steady hand while painting. A large amount of paint in the canister will make the paint sprayer heavy which will result in bad handling of the tool, and therefore sloppy final product. 

Considering these things, you should get a paint sprayer with optimum capacity so that the paint does not run out during a small job and also does not cause you any fatigue. 

Hose vs Cup  

Paint sprayers come with either hose mechanism or cup mechanism. 

Paint sprayers with cups have been discussed in detail earlier in the ‘capacity’ section, now let’s talk about hose mechanism.

Paint sprayers with hose come with a suction pump that you can easily use directly with either a 1 gallon or 5 gallon bucket.

They are not tied to capacity and are therefore recommended for a job that requires a lot of painting. These save you time by eliminating the factor of refill and for this reason, they are recommended for relatively larger jobs. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How to use a paint sprayer? 

Paint sprayers are relatively easy to use.

The first step should always be prep work. We advise that you use masking tape to mark out fine edges and drop cloth to cover all the things that you do not want to get the paint on.

Now, after you have assembled your paint sprayer, do a test run. Set the minimal flow of material and pull the trigger. Now increase the flow, and halt where you think it is enough and good to go. Also, set the pattern type and fan width according to your needs.

Be sure to practice your paint spraying first on a throwaway piece of cardboard. This will help ensure that your settings are correct.

When you do start spraying, we advise you to keep a consistent distance from the surface. This should be 10 to 12 inches, or what the manual recommends.

Let your cabinets dry and do a second coat if needed. 

How important is the tip size of the paint sprayer? 

Tip sizes are in fact very vital for a fine finish and a quality end product. You should always choose the tip size while keeping in mind the type of material you will be using and the extent of work you need to get done. 

A smaller tip size is recommended for thinner materials like varnishes, stains etc. If you use a viscous material with a small tip, it is more likely to get clogged and ruin the quality of your work.

Similarly, a bigger tip size is used for thicker materials such as paints, enamels, etc. 

What type of paint sprayer is ideal for painting cabinets? 

After testing and reviewing we believe that HVLP are the most suitable paint sprayers for cabinets. Not only are they recommended for intricate work but also produce virtually zero overspray.  

What is gravity feed in paint sprayers? 

A gravity feed paint sprayer is not so much a type of paint sprayer, but rather a design element, we believe. 

In such a kind of paint sprayer, the canister that holds material rests atop the spraying gun and is designed to give a quality finish.

As gravity plays its role, it requires much less pressure than other paint sprayers. This results in extreme precision, virtually no overspray and very little cleanup.

Is cleaning a paint sprayer easy? 

You would be glad to know that paint sprayers are usually easy to clean, depending on your brand, and the material you use.

For water-based materials, some paint sprayers can be attached to a garden hose for quick clean up. For other materials, mineral spirit can be run through the paint sprayer, until it starts to run clean.  

Is it necessary to dilute paint? 

In most cases, it is advised to thin the paint to prevent any clogging, and therefore any hurdle during the job.

Some paint sprayers come with even powerful motors and mechanisms to use the undiluted viscous materials. But it is strongly advised that you filter these paints through a sieve to prevent any blockage in the system and maintain the sustainability of your tool.  

Is using paint sprayers messy?  

We experienced that using a paint sprayer is far from being messy. Obviously, you need to put the required effort in prep work to protect other objects from getting paint mist on but that is probably about it.

After you are done with the job, you only need to disassemble the system and clean it. Most of which come with an efficient clean up mechanism.

The good news is, there would be no buckets, rollers or brushes to clean up.

Final Verdict 

Our clear winner is Fuji 2202 Paint Sprayer with a 2-in-1 feature that makes it convertible from bottom feed to gravity feed and vice versa in no time, and according to your requirement. In addition to this, it uses a 2-stage HVLP system for producing one of the finest paint mists.

It is the perfect paint sprayer for your semi-professional needs by offering the best features with efficient adjustability to match your needs. Moreover, it will be a superb addition to your DIY tools, with the professional finishing for all the perfectionists out there.

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