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We know that:

Finding the Best Spray Paint for your needs can be a real hassle.

Therefore, we tested various products to make it a little bit easier for you.

This post will give you a clear understanding as to which spray paint is most suited to your needs.

Top Pick

This product gives you a smooth rose gold finish. We were able to achieve great results on our indoor projects. It worked great on a lot of surfaces.

Runner Up

The paint can on this device is large enough for most applications. We were able to use it both indoors and outdoors with great comfort.

Also Great

We like this product for producing a durable coating that prevents rust. It protects surfaces from abrasion and dries very quickly. Recommended!

Our testing shows these three to be the best spray paints in the market.

Now, we will look at the detailed reviews for the top 10 Best Spray Paints.

Best Spray Paint - Top 10 Reviews

1. Best All-Around Spray Paint - Design Master DM241 Premium Metallic Spray Paint Review

While testing this product, we were completely blown away by the smooth rose gold plating that dried in a flash and enhanced the quality of the project.

We recommend it for your indoor projects that require efficient and quick painting. It easily supports surfaces like wood, metal and plaster. 

You can use it to transform simple looking items into extraordinary items. Moreover, the spray can is able to hold up to 11 ounces of paint which is sufficient to paint most materials. 

You can expect this product to produce a beautiful metallic surface and cover a large area.

Features of Design Master DM241 Premium Metallic Spray Paint – Best Spray Paint

  • Gold metallic coating
  • Fast dry
  • 11 ounces spray can
  • Weighs 1.6 pounds
  • 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 inches in dimensions
  • Produces smooth finishes
  • Paint dries very fast
  • Great for indoors
  • Efficient painting
  • Good paint capacity
  • Can have clogging issues

If you want a product that creates a lasting impression and produces beautiful metallic finishes, this is perfect for you.

2. Best Spray Paint for Outdoors - Rust-Oleum 267116 Painter's Touch Ultra Cover Review

We love the paint capacity on this spray paint. 12 pounds is more than enough for painting any kind of surface. This feature also makes it ideal for both small projects indoors or big outdoor projects. 

Like good spray paints, it works brilliantly with plastic and metal. We used it on a variety of outdoor projects and got excellent paint results.

Moreover, the spray tip is designed in a user-friendly way that allows you to adjust the spray direction at any angle. This makes the product more comfortable to use with reduced fatigue.

 It produces a beautiful glossy finish that dries in a short time.

Features of Rust-Oleum 267116 Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover

  • Oil-based formula
  • Dry to the touch in 20 minutes
  • Chip resistance
  • Durable Formula
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Large capacity paint can
  • Dries very quickly
  • Provides Chip resistance
  • Durable with a long life
  • Comfortable to use
  • Has wilting issues

If you are looking for a product that is comfortable to use and performs great at outdoor projects, this does all of that.

3. Best Spray Paint for Superior Coverage - Rust-Oleum 7776830 Stops Rust Spray Paint Review

We used this product on our furniture and got impressive results. We love how this product can consistently paint without leaving imperfect spots on a surface. Metal, wood and concrete can be easily painted with this product.

The paint has an oil-based formula which is excellent at producing a durable coating. This coating prevents the surface from rust, abrasion and fade. It also creates chip resistance on the surface.

Moreover, the paint dries in approximately 4 hours after being sprayed. You will also be able to cover an area of 15 square feet that makes this spray paint ideal for a variety of applications.  

Features of Rust-Oleum 7776830 Stops Rust Spray Paint

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Oil-based formula
  • Dry to touch in 4 hours
  • Coverage area of about 15 square feet
  • Chip resistant
  • Great for furniture
  • Produces durable coatings
  • Great surface protection
  • Large coverage area
  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Takes too long to dry

If you are looking for a spray paint that creates a durable coating and gives you nice coverage, this is ideal for you.

4. Best Spray Paint for a Perfect Metallic Finish - Rust-Oleum 248636 11-Ounce Finish Spray Paint Review

We were thrilled to find that this paint contains actual metallic flakes that help it to achieve a brilliant bronze colored metallic finish. We find it capable of both indoor and outdoor paint jobs.

The can is fitted with a comfortable tip. There is also a wide finger pad on the tip that lets you spray for a long time without experiencing fatigue.

Moreover, we were impressed by its ability to protect against corrosion and how beautifully it transformed the test surface.

Features of Rust-Oleum 248636 11-Ounce Finish Spray Paint

  • 11 ounces paint capacity
  • Weather resistance
  • Durable formula
  • Wide finger pad
  • Comfort tip
  • Comfortable to use
  • Creates beautiful finishes
  • Large paint capacity
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Gives resistance to corrosion
  • Color wears easily in some spots

If you are looking for a spray paint that prevents corrosion and creates beautiful metallic finishes, just get this product.

5. Best Moisture-Resistant Spray Paint - Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray Paint Review

We liked the fact that in addition to protecting the surface, this product also did not add additional color to it. This is one of the best features of this spray paint. 

This spray paint produces a crystal clear finish that is dry enough to touch after 15 minutes. The beautiful coatings produced by this spray paint will be smudge proof and resistant to moisture.

We recommend it for artistic applications that involve spraying on silk flowers, paper and plaster. You can also expect it to improve the contrast of pictures.

Features of Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray Paint

  • Moisture resistant
  • Smudge-proof
  • Dry to touch in 15 minutes
  • Weighs 14.1 pounds
  • 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 inches in dimensions
  • Excellent at resisting moisture
  • Great for artistic applications
  • Dries quickly
  • No additional color added to the painting surface
  • Gorgeous crystal clear finish
  • Does not protect from physical scratches

If you are looking for a spray paint that creates a crystal clear finish for projects of an artistic nature, you will love this product.

6. Most Durable Spray Paint - Rust-Oleum 249076 Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Review

Compatible with a wide variety of materials, this spray paint can be used for different projects. You can get it in a variety of colors including lemon grass, satin sweet pea, satin dark walnut and fire orange that bring life to any surface they are sprayed on. 

We recommend it for spraying metal equipment. The product has dual functionality and works great as both a paint and a primer. 

Moreover, the spray tip can be adjusted to spray at any angle and the paint dries quickly. All of this means you will be easily able to use it for professional application.

Features of Rust-Oleum 249076 Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover

  • Any angle spray system
  • Comfort tip
  • Fast dry
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • 2.6 x 2.6 x 7.9 inches in dimensions
  • Compatible with a lot of surfaces
  • Great for a variety of projects
  • Comfortable tip that reduces fatigue
  • Can spray at any angle
  • Excellent dual functionality
  • Has poor coverage

If you are looking for a spray paint that has enhanced compatibility and delivers professional results, this will get the job done easily.

7. Best Spray Paint for Plastic - Rust-Oleum 211338 Paint for Plastic Spray Review

This product is designed specifically for plastic materials. We found it to work the best on outdoor plastic furniture, plastic kitchen equipment and mailboxes. We recommend it for all kinds of indoor and outdoor projects.

The paint requires no primer and quickly adheres to plastic. Moreover, with this paint sprayer, you will be able to produce a soft gloss finish that improves the look of any plastic surface.

Since this paint comes in a variety of colors, we find it perfect for just about anyone that needs to get a paint job done in style.

Features of Rust-Oleum 211338 Paint for Plastic Spray

  • Oil-based paint
  • Dry to touch in 20 minutes
  • Durable coat
  • Color retention
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Great for plastic materials
  • Works on all kinds of projects
  • Requires no primer
  • Beautiful soft gloss finish
  • Durable coating
  • Very strong smell

If you find multi-colored finishes fascinating, you should not wait to get this product.

8. Best All-In-One Spray Paint - Krylon Diversified Brands K08970000 Review

You will have an easy time spraying with this product due to an intelligently designed spray tip that reduces finger fatigue. We recommend it for use on metal and most laminates as it provides strong adhesion and a long life.

While testing, this product came out the best in rust protection and the ability to bond with tough surfaces. 

Moreover, the paint can be sprayed directly on a product without using a primer and enhances the look of the painted material.

Features of Krylon Diversified Brands K08970000

  • Rust protection
  • Enhanced adhesion
  • Durable Coating
  • Weighs 0.97 pounds
  • 2.6 x 2.6 x 8 inches in dimensions
  • Efficient rust protection
  • Adheres perfectly to tough surfaces
  • Very comfortable to use for a long time
  • Does not require a primer
  • Long life
  • Clogging issues

If you want a paint sprayer that handles tough surfaces easily and provides great rust protection, this is ideal for the job.

9. Best For Hard To Paint Surfaces Spray Paint - Krylon Camouflage Plastic Spray Paint Review

We found out that this spray paint is very easy to use and comes in a great price. This product works really well on plastic surfaces and gives them a nice camouflaged look. This paint does not require a primer which means you can get the job done quickly.

It dries really quickly and you can use the products in mere minutes. It will also make your surfaces chip resistant. Moreover, the paint sticks easily to hard to paint surfaces making things a lot easier for you.

Additionally, this spray paint can be used on other surfaces like wood, hard vinyls and more. This gives a nice camouflaged look so if you want any of your plastic items in that color, this will get the job done.

Features of Krylon Camouflage Plastic Spray Paint

  • No sanding needed
  • 11 ounces volume
  • Dries fast
  • Makes surfaces chip resistant after 7 days
  • Smooth on plastics
  • This paint dries very quickly
  • One of the best paints for plastic surfaces
  • You do not need priming or sanding which makes the work faster
  • Really good price
  • Makes the plastics chip resistant
  • Limited colors

If you are looking for a spray paint that will make your products look camouflaged, this will do the job.

10. Best For Glass Spray Paint - Krylon Stained Glass Spray Paint Review

This spray paint applies an even thin coat on glass surfaces which looks really good. This allows you to control how much color you want to apply on the surface of the glass.

The thing we like the most about this spray paint is that it works exceptionally well on windows and other glass surfaces. It has an easy one step process which means that you do not have to re-coat surfaces to get the right color. 

The paint dries fast within 30 minutes. We discovered that this product comes in various colors which makes it applicable on a variety of projects.

 Features of Krylon Stained Glass Spray Paint

  • Easy one step process
  • Thin coat
  • Translucent for glass surfaces
  • 11.5 ounces volume
  • For indoor decorating
  • Great look on glass surfaces
  • Applies a thin coat which does not make glass look bad
  • Easy to use due to one step process
  • Paint dries fast
  • Air temperature concerns

If you are looking for a spray paint that works really well on glass and gives a good look, then this is the best product for you.

best spray paint

Buyer’s Guide

Things to look for when Shopping for Spray Paint

Here’s a few things to look out for when shopping for a spray paint:

Materials you are painting

When searching for spray paints on the market, be sure to check if it is compatible with the surface you will be painting on. Whether you are working on a bike or a wall, there will be a different paint for each one. Read all the information carefully to pick the ideal spray paint.

Quality of Finish

Spray paints can produce a variety of finishes. It is important to know what quality of finish is required for your particular job. High gloss or matte finishes are the most popular. 

Quantity Required

Before buying a spray paint, estimate the size of the area you will be painting on. This is important to determine the quantity of spray paint you will require. For small rust spots, you won’t need a lot of paint. However, if you are working on a large piece of furniture, you are going to need a lot of paint. 

Color Required

You will need the right color to be proud of your job. It is easy to find spray paints in almost every color. If is advised to take your time with selecting the right color for you project.

Reasons To Use Spray Paint

Why should you buy spray paint? Here are a few reasons why it may be a better option:

  • There are several reasons why spray paints are better than traditional paints. One of the best reasons for spray paints to be better is how easy they are to use.
  • Spray paints are lightweight as compared to traditional ones having large paint cans that add to the weight and are hard to carry. Moreover, you don’t need to carry around a paint brush or rollers. They are also small in size and easy to store once you have completed your job.
  • Spray paints are healthier to use outdoors. With proper ventilation and precautionary measures, they can also complete indoor projects with ease.
  • Spray paints are widely used by people to paint the interior and exterior of their cars because these paints prevent rust and improve the appearance of these parts.
  • Spray paints are compatible with a wide variety of materials including wood, plastics and metal. 

Indoor vs Outdoor Spray Paint

Spray paints come in wide functionalities. Some are only suitable for indoors whereas others are suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. Indoor spray paints tend to be less durable to outdoor spray paints. This means that they are less resistant to sunlight and water. They are also not that good at preventing rust and the colors can fade away when exposed to sunlight. This causes a very big problem, as you will be required to paint the surface again. 

Outdoor sprays on the other hand are designed to be more durable and resistant. They can handle extreme weather conditions from rain to bright sunlight. Their color won’t fade away if exposed to sunlight for long hours. Moreover, these spray paints are extremely resistant to moisture and keep the surface in perfect condition. To get your hands on this spray paint, be sure to check for the feature of rust resistance before purchasing a spray paint.

How Long does Spray Paint take to Dry?

The time it takes for spray paint to dry varies greatly between the different products that are available in the market. Some of the best spray paints can take a long time to dry. However, a lot of the spray paints will be dry to touch in about 15-20 minutes. This is great because you will be able to change the position of the material you are painting. This does not mean that the paint is completely dry. Humidity and temperature can greatly affect the time it takes for spray paint to dry. It is advisable to dry a surface for a whole day to make it safe for use.

Best Practices for Spray Painting

Spray painting can be a fast and easy way to complete your indoor and outdoor projects. Before painting a surface, you need to prepare it properly. Moreover, you will need to make sure that the painting is done under proper weather conditions and proper ventilation.

Following are 10 of the best practices that will make your project a success.

  1. Use a clean and dry surface for all your paint jobs. The surface can be cleaned with mineral spirits or household detergents. To improve adhesion, be sure to scrape glossy surfaces. Rust can be removed with a wire brush. Don’t forget to use a primer when necessary.
  2. Always paint in good weather conditions. This means that the temperature should be between 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity should be below 85% and the weather should be clear. Do not paint in hot weather or direct sunlight.
  3. Read the instructions on the can to know the recoat time of the spray paint.
  4. Be sure to test your painting technique to ensure a smooth and even finish. Use a scrap surface to test it.
  5. Always paint an object from one side to the other. This ensures that all spots are painted evenly.
  6. Instead of painting one thick coat, start by painting multiple small thin coats.
  7. Any area that is not the surface to be painted, should be covered with a drop cloth.
  8. If you are doing an indoor project, ensure that all room windows are opened to allow proper air circulation.
  9. To prevent the spray tip from clogging, always clean it.
  10. Finally, before spraying, be sure to read all the instructions on the spray can.

Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces can I spray paint?

You can paint on virtually any surface you desire to. You can spray on plastic, wood, glass, mirror, metal, fiberglass, wicker, masonry, plaster, concrete, ceramics, canvas, laminate, MDF and particle board.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of spray paint?

Spray paints offer a wider coverage area and are much faster than brush on paints. Usually spray paints are oil based so they are more durable which means that they are easy to use. The spray paint dries much quicker and their clean up process is faster. 

How long should I wait before recoating my piece?

You can recoat the object you are working on within an hour. If the temperature is optimal (65-85 degrees) you can even recoat about every 5 minutes. If you are spraying a two sided object, then wait for one side to dry and then spray the other one.

How to unclog a Spray Paint Can Nozzle?

This is a common issue for spray paints. Depending on the brand that you have, if it allows you to remove the nozzle then simply remove it and wash it in hot water. You can also soak it in nail polish remover for 30 minutes.

How to remove Spray Paint odor on newly painted furniture

Make sure that you are painting on a moisture free day. But in the case that you have already painted the furniture then keep it outside on a non-humid day to let the odor dry off. If you are unable to keep the furniture outside then keep it in a room with good ventilation. 

Should I toss my empty spray paint can in the garbage?

This is highly discouraged as spray paints are considered to be a toxic waste. We make sure that we take them to a proper disposal site because even if they are empty, they still have some residue left inside of them.

My spray paint just bubbled and cracked. What did I do wrong?

This usually happens due to a few things. When the outside temperature is too low or when the surface is not cleaned. If you read the instructions of the spray can that you purchased, that should tell you about the temperature range. 

I just spray painted my chandelier – it came out nice, but some of the sections are not smooth. What should I do?

To avoid this problem, make sure you are painting on a relatively cool day and make sure to spray one section at a time. Block the other sections with a piece of cardboard when not working on them. 

Why did the paint finish crackle when I re-coated?

This is most common if you apply the paint too thickly which makes the surface dry much faster. The best way to avoid this is to spray when the temperature is between 65-85 degrees and only apply light and even coats. 

Can I skip on primer when using oil based spray paint?

There is no problem to skip on primer when you are painting surfaces such as metals or plastics due to their oil based nature. We saw that this problem occurs mostly when you skip the primer on glossy and wooden surfaces. 

Final Verdict

The Design Master DM241 Premium Metallic Spray Paint is our winner it gives a smooth finish that is long lasting and durable. Furthermore, the paint looks really vibrant and makes any metal surfaces feel brand new.

Its versatile colours and its durability set it apart from the rest of the products. Also due to the paint being sun resistant, it is amazing for outdoor projects.

This brings us to an end of our post on the Best Spray Paint.

We hope that these reviews will assist you to make an informed decision about getting the spray paint that fits all your needs.

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