Best Spray Paint for Leather – Top 6 Picks, Feedback, Pros, Cons & More

You may be wondering what spray paints can I use for painting leather?

We agree that finding the best dyes for your leather products at different stores among the plethora of brands is difficult.

That is why we tested various spray paints that are available.

We chose the top 6 spray paints we found and made this list to make the selection easier for you

Top Pick

This paint is easy to use and covers an impressively large area for its size. It is also excellent to use on various surfaces and is very practical for casual users. It is adhesive and heat resistant.

Runner Up

This spray paint offers great protection against the elements and is very tough on the leather. The paint also offers heat resistance which is a plus for a highly impressive product.

Also Great

If you want to paint the interior of your automobiles, this product is the best one to use. It is a very convenient product to have around. The paint also protects the natural sense of the leather.

The three paints mentioned are the best leather spray paints we found for you.

Now, we will look at the complete reviews for the top 6 best dyes to paint leather.

#1. Best Durable Spray Paint For Leather - Seymour 620-1447 Review

This is the best durable spray paint for leather as it showed impressive results when we used it on different leathers. We found that this paint is highly durable and provides maximum protection for your belongings against the elements. 

Furthermore, the paint sticks strongly to the applied leather and will be ready for use before you know it. 

We found that the high adhesiveness and protection provided by this paint are excellent for shoes and outdoor furniture such as the leather upholstery of a chair as these are regularly exposed to harsh conditions.

Factors to consider before you buy Seymour 620-1447


Type of finish 

This is an enamel paint that will give your paint a glossy, metallic finish


The paint strongly bonds to the surface ensuring durability for a long time.


The paint can also be used on metal, ceramics, plastics, and is especially suited for automobile bodywork.  

  • Works on various surfaces
  • Wide range of dark colors 
  • Heat resistant
  • Can cover 3X more than other brands 
  • Adhesive dye
  • Toxic has to be used in a well-ventilated area

Best Durable Spray Paint For Leather

The Best Durable Spray paint for leather is the Seymour 620-1447 as it is highly adhesive, and works great under tough conditions. We recommend this dye for anyone who is looking to customize their leather to be more metallic.

#2. Best Spray Paint For Leather for Automobile Enthusiasts - ColorBond (1870) Review

We found that this paint is excellent for automobile use. We found that this spray paint works on a variety of automobile surfaces such as leather, vinyl, and plastic.

The dye creates a molecular bond with the leather it is applied to so that the paint adheres strongly. An added feature we discovered was that the colors did not fade when we applied water-based conditioners after painting.

After painting, the dye does not flake even in the toughest conditions and maintains a metallic look. The paint also comes in over 180 different colors such as blue, dark brown, etc. 

Factors to consider before you buy ColorBond (1870)


Type of finish

You will get a flat finish on the surface after you paint leather. 


The paint works by molecular bonding to seal in color on the leather.


The vinyl spray works excellently on leather shoes and plastic. 

  • Highly flexible and smooth coats
  • Bonds within 10 minutes after painting
  • The dye lasts in harsh climates 
  • Suitable for different kinds of leather
  • High-end metallic finish
  • The color chart is not reliable

Best Spray Paint For Leather for automobile enthusiasts

The best Best Leather Spray Paint for automobile enthusiasts is the ColorBond (1870) Spray Paint as it can be applied to leather or vinyl seats and does not crack or flake even in the harshest climates.

#3. Best Spray Paint for Leather for Amatuer users - Rust-Oleum 1911830 Review

We used this spray to paint leather shoes and got impressive results. We were able to paint a variety of furniture such as a leather chair without facing any sort of trouble. 

This vinyl paint works for a variety of leather such as luggage, boat seats, sports equipment, and shoes to name a few. So you can color just about anything you want to with this paint.

These paints use resins so we get a paint that is specifically as flexible as the surface it was being applied on. This prevents it from flaking and cracking.   

Factors to consider before you buy Rust-Oleum 1911830 


Type of Finish 

The result is a highly glossy looking leather that looks fresh


The paint adheres strongly to the leather preventing peeling and sticks the color to the leather.


These paints also work on multiple items; luggage, car and boat seats, sports equipment, fabric.

  • Restores color
  • Gloss finish 
  • Reay to touch in 10 minutes
  • Easy to apply
  • Smooth coating
  • A strong odor that lasts for hours

Best Spray Paint for Leather for Amatuer users

The Best Leather Spray Paint for Amatuer users is the Rust-Oleum 1911830 as it is easy to use, works on a variety of fabrics and furniture, and will give you a clean, glossy result.

#4. Best Budget-friendly Spray Paint For Leather - Dupli-Color EHVP11000 Review

Our team found that this product gave excellent value for its price. We like how the product was able to color different types of fabrics and paint leather with ease. This is the best feature of the product.

We found that the fabric was also not sticky or stiff and looked good as new which we are particularly fond of. The dye is thin enough as to not affect the fabric, no matter how thin it is. 

The cans also have plenty of dye which means that the paint is available in a seemingly endless supply.

Factors to consider before you buy Dupli-Color EHVP11000 


Type of Finish

The paint gives a gloss finish which will give the leather a shiny appearance, making it good as new.


This lacquer spray paint adheres strongly to the leather and does not need a primer to be applied to it.


The spray paint is superb for any kind of fabric for example sofas, boots, canvas, etc.

  • Easy to use
  • Works both indoors and outdoors
  • Revives faded color 
  • Good coverage
  • Leather can be used in under an hour
  • Paint can be thin

Best Budget-friendly Spray Paint For Leather

The Best Budget-friendly Spray Paint For Leather is the Dupli-Color EHVP11000 as it gives excellent value for its price, works superbly on leather, and lasts for quite some time.

#5. Best Spray Paint For Leather for Refinishing - S. M. Arnold Sky Blue Review

Our team found this spray paint to be well suited for refinishing old leather. We are impressed by how quickly the leather is ready to use after the paint is applied to it.

Furthermore, you can apply many layers of paint on the leather without needing to remove the previously applied layer of paint. 

The paint also renews and revives the leather. We recommend this spray paint for anyone who is looking to modify or to cover any marks on the leather or vinyl. For example, you can change the color of auto upholstery whether it is leather or vinyl. 

Factors to consider before you buy S. M. Arnold Sky Blue 


Type of Finish

The leather will have a flat finish which works excellently as a concealer.


The paint is fade-resistant and tough on leather. You can also apply layers of paint over old layers.


The paint is ready to use on other surfaces such as vinyl, plastic, carpet, PVC.

  • Hides stains on furniture 
  • Excellent coverage
  • Crack and peel resistant 
  • Metallic Finish 
  • Related to vinyl paint
  • Cans have a sensitive nozzle
  • Color reference charts are incorrect

Best Spray Paint For Leather for Refinishing 

The Best Spray Paint For Leather for Refinishing is the S. M. Arnold Sky Blue as it revives old leather and vinyl without affecting their touch, can be applied on layers of old paint without having to remove them, and dries quickly for immediate use.

#6. Best Spray Paint For Leather for all-around use- Rust-Oleum 249845

The team was impressed with the ability of this paint to work in both indoor and outdoor conditions on almost all the surfaces we tested it on. These included the leather and fabric of leather chairs.

The cans cover up to 12sq. Ft. 

The spray paint is also comfortable to use as the tip design reduces fatigue and also allows for the paint to spread to hard-to-reach areas.

Factors to consider before you buy Rust-Oleum 249845 


Type of Finish

After painting your furniture or chair, you will be left with a high-quality satin finish.


The paint is long-lasting and easy to use for any type of furniture. It dries in no more than 20 minutes. 


A single supply of cans is compatible with other kinds of paints on almost all kinds of leather.

  • Gives a clear coat
  • Is heat resistant 
  • Has good coverage
  • Ideal for leather chairs
  • Works on shoes
  • Can have limited supply of paint

Best Spray Paint For Leather for all-around use

The Best Spray Paint For Leather for all-around use is the Rust-Oleum 249845 as it can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, is heat resistant and the paint is highly durable for a long-lasting impact. 

best spray paint

Buyers’ Guide

In case you choose to paint leather, you should look out for the following factors as these help you make an informed decision and have the best experience when painting leather.  

Utility of the spray paints 

When looking at the utility, you are searching for how many different materials your leather spray paint can work with. Since a leather item can have different kinds of accessories with different detail, it is a good decision to buy spray paint that will also work on those surfaces.

We also recommend that you purchase leather or vinyl paint so that you don’t face any unnecessary hassles of protecting the different types of leather.


If you want to consider painting leather then you should search for a good spray paint that is long-lasting. 

Paints which offer heat resistance as an additional feature are also good for you to use, as it will ensure that the dye sticks on the leather after the coats are applied.   

Type of Finish

This is a feature that can help you alter the appearance of the leather whether it is changing the color of the fabric or changing how the vinyl feels. Most of the spray paints are available in either a gloss or a matte finish. 

For example, on furniture, a gloss finish will give the leather a shiny coat and will be highly appealing to look at. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the spray paint be used on any kind of leather?

We recommend checking with the manufacturer about the compatibility, as different brands produce different kinds of dyes for leather. Be sure to use the related paint dye for the leather. 

You can also use vinyl spray paint as vinyl is similar to leather.

How do I use the spray paint?

Before painting, you have to thoroughly clean the leather by rubbing it with a sponge or brush to remove any impurities such as dust. Be sure to cover any extra metallic add-ons with tape.  Then, spray the paint in even coats so that the leather feels smooth. You can apply more than one coating, depending on the leather. Afterward, leave the painted leather to dry and apply any primer if necessary.   

Is the spray paint safe?

No, the spray paint is toxic and can harm you if it comes in contact with your face. We recommend using an industrial gas mask and wearing goggles and gloves when using spray paints. We also recommend painting in a well-ventilated and cool area, as the spray paint can evaporate.   

Final Verdict

After testing the multiple brands of spray paints on leather, we have come to the conclusion that the best spray paint for leather is the Rust-Oleum 249845. This brand of paint is ideal for your DIY projects as it is available in many colors and finishes, and is also easily available in stores such as Home Depot and Amazon.

It also has good coverage, is available in a selection of colors and the cans give you great value as they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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