Best Spray Paint for Styrofoam – Top 5 Reviews, FAQs, Pros, Cons & More

Styrofoam articles always claim our ‘wows’ because of the delicate loveliness. But, the artistry of paints over them is always hindered by the corrosive ingredients of the paints.

Thinking about the spray paints which don’t dissolve your styrofoam piece of art and crafts  porous or blistery? 

Well, we have gone shop to shop and store to store, picked some of the products which are claimed to do the job the best and tested them vigorously to save you from the trouble of searching.

This brief review will be helpful for you to pick the right product for painting styrofoam.

Top Pick

This is one of the best acrylic crafts paints; it's odor-free, low price, suitable for your every foam model of art and craft. It is the ultimate pick to paint styrofoam with no worries of deformation on the foam.

Runner Up

This paint answers your demands of fatigue-free and economical options to paint styrofoam. It comes in every trendy color and works well with paint supplementing products like paint primer or wood varnish.

Also Great

With this water-based paint, you can make any painted design on styrofoam articles of any size, small balls to wall high crafts, with a few coats of paint creating a veneer as strong as glue over the painted exterior.

We’ve scripted below a brief account of our reviews on the paints related to styrofoam.

#1: Finest Acrylic Spray Paint for Styrofoam Liquitex Professional

Regular paints are notorious for making styrofoam surfaces porous. But, you’ll be amazed by the benign coats of this advanced acrylic paint which will not dissolve any of your styrofoam projects.

It dyes styrofoam with an easy-to-dry color coat with excellent coverage way better than regular spray.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Liquitex Professional


Surface Protection: This advanced paint formula doesn’t eat up styrofoam-like outdated oil or enamel paints.

Paint type: It’s a master of buddy-buddy acrylic paints for styrofoam.

Exterior Compatibility: This paint does the job like a pro on wood, plastic, and metal.

Drying Period: One of our experimenters goes out to search for his lost puppy and it took him 30 minutes to find it, by his return the paint adheres to the foam at this time. 

Final Finish: Beautiful matte finish is the hallmark of this paint because of its state-of-the-art make-up.

  • Easy-to-apply
  • Affordable price
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Acrylic paint
  • Material friendly
  • Vogue colors
  • Creases sometimes

Finest Acrylic Spray Paint for Styrofoam 

Finest Acrylic Spray Paint for Styrofoam is Liquitex Professional because it is an acrylic paint that doesn’t fume, UV protective, and comes in more than 90 colors.

#2: Best Easy-to-use Spray Paint for Styrofoam Montana MTN Colors

If you are in search of low-solvent content that makes paints less smelling and employable indoors, this must be your preference. It can be erased with a moist brush to alter or enhance the painting design.

Easy-to-apply nozzles and handy cans of this paint make the delivery of the painting project fast.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Montana MTN Colors


Surface Protection: Unlike regular paint brands, Montana products make zero blisters. 

Paint type: These water-based spray cans address foam material deformation problems.

Exterior Compatibility: This paint goes well on a number of light surfaces like styrofoam, paper, and cloth. 

Drying Period: Painters like it because it quickly fills the painting detail of even the smallest piece of foam craft.

Final Finish: We put this product to work and noticed that it yields a sleek finish.

  • Multiple speed settings
  • Durable body
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to use
  • You can use un-thinned paint
  • Not for professional use

Best Easy-to-use Spray Paint for Styrofoam 

The best Easy-to-use Spray Paint for Styrofoam is Montana MTN Colors because it gives a finish as smooth as brush painting. Its low price makes it popular with every customer.

#3: Best Odorless Spray Paint for Styrofoam Pinty Plus Aqua

Your nostrils might have borne scent torture from oil, latex, enamel, and acrylic paints which are applied with a brush, but this water-based paint would be kind to your sense of smell.

It gives an artistic matt finish on a number of materials like plastic, metal, and cardboard. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Pinty Plus Aqua


Surface Protection: This is our favorite product from our search because it’s exterior protecting and non-acrylic paint which does a flawless job.

Paint type: Artists like to address detail in design and shape with its water-based formula. 

Exterior Compatibility: You won’t find a product suitable for plenty of exteriors in any shop and store. 

Drying Period: Repaint any color of this product is only an hour and maintain artistic delivery of your masterpieces.

Final Finish: This regular spray paint provides a sleek matte finish.

  • Non-enamel
  • Adhesive coat
  • Environment friendly
  • Indoor safe
  • Value for money
  • Low volatile organic compounds
  • Small cans

Best Odorless Spray Paint for Styrofoam 

The best Odorless Spray Paint for Styrofoam is Pinty Plus Aqua because it contains low VOC contents which dry out in minutes.

#4: Most Eco-conscious Spray Paint for Styrofoam Krylon H2O Latex

Latex-based spray paints were usually applied with a brush before the introduction of this eco-friendly product which adds too little to smog production and foul-smelling VOC in the environment.

This paint won’t need any expensive material or an expert guide for painting and cleaning it up. In addition, it is non-toxic.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Krylon H2O Latex


Surface Protection: It binds to surfaces, be it the surface of any tricky and large or smooth and small piece, flawlessly and guarantees durability.

Paint Type: This paint is formulated with latex resins.

Exterior Compatibility: A number of surfaces like metal, wood, paper, and styrofoam can be painted with it.

Drying Period: This paint dries out within an hour, real quick, no?

Final Finish: Smooth matte finish enhances the beauty of your styrofoam painting project.

  • Latex aerosol
  • User-friendly nozzle shape
  • Durable color
  • Oil-free solvent
  • Great eco-consciousness
  • Single coat
  • No peel hide
  • It sags sometimes

Most Eco-conscious Spray Paint for Styrofoam 

The most Eco-conscious Spray Paint for Styrofoam is Krylon H2O Latex because it releases minimum VOCs into the environment.

#5: Quickest Drying Spray Paint for Styrofoam Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover

With a quick spray delivery system, this paint offers a durable and chipping-less project. It’s non-toxic, and extensively covers up to 12 sq. ft. of the area being painted.

Trust this product if you are an artist worried about the timely delivery of your crafts. Its comfort spray tip is related to any-angle easy spraying.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover


Surface Protection: If you want to have flaking-proof protection, trust this paint.

Paint Type: Its oil-based formula provides a durable color.

Exterior Compatibility: It works well on a number of exteriors like plaster, wicker, and styrofoam.

Drying Period: Almost 20 minutes are enough to dry this paint to touch it if you follow our guide.

Final Finish: Fresh gloss finish beautifies the look of every piece of painting.

  • Vibrant colors
  • Fast drying
  • Long-lasting 
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Variety of finishes
  • Wide finger pad
  • Nozzles clog at times

Quickest Drying Spray Paint for Styrofoam 

Quickest Drying Spray Paint for Styrofoam is Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover because coatings a few minutes apart make urgent project completion without compromising on the quality.

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Buyers’ Guide

Exterior Safety:

The delicacy of styrofoam is susceptible to being attacked by paint components. Users reported melting of styrofoam by spray paints. Paints with advanced formulas provide exterior safety. Therefore, you should pick them for painting styrofoam.

Paint Composition: 

Paints with traditional oil and acrylic content are not suitable for styrofoam, hence you should pick latex or water-based paints.

Desired Finish: 

You can pick out any great finishing option like matte, gloss, glitter and chalked, etc available in styrofoam paints.


Usually, you have to buy primers or other accessory materials along with the paints. So, choose the paints which are cost-effective, the ones that come with primers, or the ones which require no prep at all.

User Experience:

Consumer convenience is the ultimate criterion for picking out any paint. Therefore, paints with non-irritating components, non-encumbering on your pocket, and untroublesome must be employed.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why do spray paints melt styrofoam?

Enamel in the paints corrode the styrofoam and leave a blistery and pitted appearance. Some other constituents of paints do the same. Moreover, the technique you use to paint also matters a lot. 

How can styrofoam be best painted?

The right method accompanies the right paints. If their composition is corrosive to styrofoam, you cannot expect to have fine results even with the expert way of applying the paints. We suggest you keep paint cans at least 15cm away from the exterior being painted to get better results.

What are the best paints for styrofoam?

Water-based or acrylic craft paints are the best ones for styrofoam. They are benign to the exterior and leave a durable veneer and are available in every trendy finish.

How can I seal styrofoam and make it waterproof?

You can use polyurethane resin to get a fused and hard coating on the painted exterior of your styrofoam. It will protect it from the high temperature and keep the moisture unreachable in the depth of foam. 

What are the steps to paint styrofoam?

  1. Buy foam-friendly paint and prep materials.
  2. Wear a face mask and a pair of gloves.
  3. Shake the paint well.
  4. Paint while keeping the can at 15-18cm away from the exterior.
  5. Seal it afterward using epoxy or polyurethane material.

Final Verdict

So, after meticulous testing and contemplation, we announce Liquitex Professional our winner of the day. It is a foam-friendly, user-friendly and eco-friendly formula that gives an enduring wrap over the exterior.

It produces a matte finish over a variety of surfaces within a small span of time. It doesn’t eat up styrofoam and keeps its delicacy and esthetics intact.

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