Krylon Vs Rustoleum – Feedback, Pros, Cons, FAQs & More

When it comes to spray painting objects, selecting the right type of paint can go a long way.

Given the number of options available on market, the real question is which spray paint does the job best. 

To answer this question, we will be comparing Krylon vs Rustoleum spray paint.

This article will accommodate you in differentiating between two types of paints and how they can benefit you in different scenarios. 

Krylon K02732007

Key Features
  • Price: Moderately priced
  • Time to Dry: Slow drying
  • Primer: Built-in primer formula
  • Durability : Strong coats
  • Texture: Matte finish

Rust-Oleum 1915830

Key Features
  • Price: High priced
  • Time to Dry: Fast drying
  • Primer: Needs separate primer
  • Durability : Coats weaken over time
  • Texture: Chrome finish

Krylon K02732007 Spray Paint Review - Durable and Easy to use

This paint from Krylon is designed for people that are new to spray painting. You can use this paint for extended periods because of its comfortable spray tip. Besides that, the tip provides easy coverage and the nozzle is fitted with anti-leak technology.

Features of Krylon K02732007

  • Spray gun compatibility
  • Built-in primer formula
  • Textured color
  • Two coats finish
  • Highly adhesive on steel and other metal surfaces
  • No run-off marks
  • Semi-gloss look
  • Wide coverage
  • Durable coating
  • Suitable for DIY projects
  • 48 hour cure time

Benefits of Krylon K02732007

The reason this paint stood out for us is because of its convenience. Even if you are new to painting stuff, you could easily use it for the interior and exterior of your house. You can even use a paint brush to create different patterns or even the coat to give your object a fine finish.

Other than that, the nozzle enables you to cover a wide area without moving your hand too much. You can coat an entire surface in an even pattern without tiring yourself. Just like other oil paint brands, the spray tip is designed to keep the nozzle from leaking.

Additionally, you can use this paint to cover a variety of different surfaces. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Krylon K02732007


This paint is quite rigid and quick to attach to the surface because of its metal primer formula.

Time to dry:

You have to wait about 30 minutes for each coat to dry off before applying a new one.


Since this paint is acrylic-based, the final look can be like enamel, semi-gloss shine, and even matte. It depends on the number of coats you apply.

What Do the Customers Think?

Our team decided to explore the online reviews of this paint. Many customers who bought Krylon paints were satisfied with their purchase. They mentioned that the surfaces they painted gave off a high-quality look. 

Some customers also mentioned that they would prefer Krylon paint over others in the market because of its comfortable spray tip.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for spray paint that not only has great paint durability but is also easy to use then this product will suit you well. You can use this paint to apply multiple layers with little to no experience. Furthermore, the spray cans are quite convenient to hold and handle.

Rust-Oleum 1915830 Review - Multi-Color and Chrome finish

Our team picked this product because this enamel-based paint is suitable for giving metal surfaces a brand new bright chrome look. You can use it on your automotive parts like rims and as well as other indoor objects. 

Features of Rust-Oleum 1915830

  • Temperature resistant
  • Plastic surface compatibility
  • Mirror-like shine
  • No run-off line marks
  • Quick cure time
  • Easy to use
  • Wide coverage
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Water-resistant
  • Sharp finish
  • Needs primer for full effect

Benefits of Rust-Oleum 1915830

One of the main factors our team picked this product is because of the chrome-like finish. You can use this paint to form a pattern or just even coats. Furthermore, it is compatible with a variety of surfaces like metal, plastic, and glass.

Besides that, this paint can be used to provide your object with a protective layer. Since this paint is resistant to heat and water, it is suitable for covering car rims. We also noticed that you don’t need to rattle the can a lot before applying.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Rust-Oleum 1915830


The formula used in this paint is quite strong and sticks easily on the surface.

Time to dry:

This paint takes about 40 minutes to dry to the touch. Besides that, it takes about 2 hours for each layer to completely settle down.  


This paint contains metal flakes which help it to create a fine mirror-like look. It is quite bright and has even coats.

What Do the Customers Think?

To get a better view of the performance of this paint, our team looked into the online reviews. They noticed that many customers prefer this paint because of its ability to provide protection for different surfaces. 

Some users also mentioned that the multi-color availability also helped them to give their indoor objects a different look.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to give your surfaces a bright new look while also giving them good protection against weather effects then this spray paint will serve you well. Furthermore, it is available in different colors for increased versatility.

Krylon Vs Rust-Oleum - Buyers’ Guide

krylon vs rustoleum

What are some things I should Keep in mind when buying Krylon Spray Paint?

There are multiple key factors that affect the overall performance of the Krylon paints. The durability of these acrylic-based paints depends on the surface type, adhesion, and the number of coats. These paints are good for giving your household objects an eye-pleasing look.

One another thing to keep in mind, these paints require multiple coats to give off the desired finish. You will have to apply at least 3 fine coats to give off the smooth look. Other than that, you could pretty much everything you want to do with these sorts of paints.

Do I need a primer for Krylon paints?

It totally depends on the type of product you are buying. Some paints come with built-in primer formula and some don’t. You should read the product description or else you might end up with a bad-looking paint job.

Do I have to use a spray gun?

It is a personal preference to use a spray gun or not. The spray tip on Krylon paints is made to be comfortable and easy to use. You don’t have to exert a lot of force on the tip to get an even stream of paint.

What are some factors I should keep in mind when Buying Rust-Oleum Spray Paint?

Rust-Oleum mainly specializes in making oil and enamel-based paints. These paints are usually preferred for coating surfaces like metal and plastic. You should keep in mind that these paints are only used for the base coats and not the final coat.

Furthermore, you can use these paints as protective layering for your metallic objects like wheel rims and other automotive parts. They are quite resistant to heat and other weather effects. Besides that, Rust-Oleum paints are usually preferred for outdoor usage. 

Are chrome paints durable?

Chrome paints are generally very strong in nature. Their adhesive capabilities are quite rigid compared to acrylic paints. You only have to apply a couple of coats and you are good to go. The only downside is that you have to use a primer as a final coat to seal the paint.

Do I need to use the spray in an outdoor environment?

It is highly recommended that you always do your paint jobs in an open area. Other than that, you should always wear a face mask and a pair of gloves. This will keep your skin from getting in touch with paint and avoid any unnecessary irritation.

Final Verdict

After a thorough comparison, our team has concluded that there is no clear winner. Both brands have different kinds of products that serve unique purposes and are suitable for different situations. 

If you are new to spray painting and are looking for a quick DIY paint job, then Krylon paints are a good spray product to start with.

On the other hand, if you want to protect your metallic objects from rust, heat, and other external factors then Rust-Oleum paints will serve you well.

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