Multimeter vs Voltmeter – Comparison, Recommendations, Guide

We think you’ll agree with us when we say:

Choosing between a multimeter and a voltmeter can be a daunting undertaking.

This is why we have compared various products so that you can easily choose between Multimeter vs Voltmeter.

Once you read this comparison, we’ll show you which electrical equipment is best suited for your next project. 


Key Features/Ratings
Here's what you get:
  • Voltage detection:
  • Versatility:
  • Durability:


Key Features/Ratings
Here's what you get:
  • Voltage detection:
  • Versatility:
  • Durability:

This post will take a look at the advantages of both the multimeter and the voltmeter as well as name the best performing multimeter/voltmeter. 

1. All-Around Best Multimeter - AstroAIDigital TRMS 6000 Multimeter Review

This multimeter has a large count display which means that the user can use this product for large scale tasks. On top of that, it can measure both AC and the DC current which adds to the multimeters’ versatility.

To further improve upon its versatility, the multimeter can read frequency, temperature, current and voltage just to name a few.

We loved that this product has a built-in feature that protects it from being overloaded making it safe to use. The product also has a visible low battery indicator which warns you ahead of time. 

Features of AstroAIDigital TRMS 6000 Multimeter – Multimeter vs Voltmeter

  • Weighs 1.28 pounds
  • 7.5 x 1.2 x 5.6 inches dimensions
  • LCD display style 
  • Zinc-Carbon battery type 
  • 6000 counts display 
  • Large count range
  • Measures both AC and DC current
  • Versatile
  • Overload protection
  • Low battery indication
  • The magnet does not stick properly


Benefits of AstroAIDigital TRMS 6000 Multimeter

This multimeter stands out when compared to the rest because of its wide variety of advantages. The first thing that we noticed was that the multimeter will stop when it is about to overload. This makes it safe to use for the user as well as ensures that it has a longer life cycle. Not only that, this multimeter is affordable and is suitable for new users. The low battery signal will warn you ahead of time so that you can replace it without losing efficiency. This product is extremely versatile as it has the ability to read a variety of measurements.   

What do the customers think?

When we used this product, we were extremely pleased with it due to a number of reasons. Our team searched the internet and found that the majority of the customers were satisfied and happy with the product. We have listed down a couple of reviews from customers that had positive things to say about this multimeter. 

One customer said that they were very satisfied with their purchase as it is quite affordable. They also did not have experience beforehand but they did not have any problems using this multimeter. The large screen with backlight helped them conveniently read the measurements. They continued by saying that the speed and accuracy of this product are unmatched. It also has a great looking design and is safe to use for the user. They were impressed that the product came with a rubber case that ensured the durability and safety of the user. 

Another user said that they think that this product is the best buy of their life. They were amazed to see that this product can read tons of measurements. This helped them in having a diverse approach in their work which is a huge plus point for them. The customer also said that the customer service is top-notch as they assisted them quickly and effectively. The last thing that the customer had to say was that this multimeter has a good build quality which differentiates it from other products.  


If you are looking for a durable and versatile multimeter that is safe to use, then this product is perfect for you. You can use it to get the job done quickly and even work on large scale projects. Since it can read tons of measurements like temperature, resistance, frequency or even diodes, it means that you have a diverse approach in your work.  

2. All-Around Best Voltmeter - Fluke 88 V/A KIT Automotive Voltmeter Combo Kit Review

This is by far the all-around best voltmeter due to a number of reasons. One of those reasons is the carrying case that comes with the product to ensure durability. It also allows the user to easily carry it around. It also comes with an instruction manual and CD for beginners.

We loved that this product measures both the AC and the DC current which adds to its versatility. The 4 digit display ensures more precision. 

The magnet attached to the backside of the product allows the user to easily place it on any storage rack. 

Features of Fluke 88 V/A KIT Automotive Voltmeter Combo Kit

  • 5.20 pounds weight
  • Instruction manual and CD
  • 9 volts battery included
  • It comes with a carrying case
  • 13.4 x 8.8 x 4.5 inches dimensions
  • Carrying case for added durability
  • This measures AC and DC current
  • 4 digit for more precision 
  • The magnet on the back allows you to easily store it
  • Records recent readings
  • Costly


Benefits of Fluke 88 V/A KIT Automotive Voltmeter Combo Kit

This product comes with a carrying case and an entire kit. The case allows you to carry the meter around conveniently and ensures durability. The best feature of this meter is that it records the recent readings which means that you do not have to write down the readings. They can be easily accessed and this makes this voltmeter simple to use. Since this product has a large-screen display, the user can clearly see the readings on the screen.   

What do the customers think?

Our team scoured the internet to find various reviews about this voltmeter. We were surprised to see that no one had anything negative to say about this product instead they were praising it a lot. We have mentioned a couple of the reviews which stood out to us.

One user said that this is a very accurate and solid voltmeter. They continued by stating that this product comes with superb additional accessories that are very beneficial for the user. The user said that Fluke did a great job with this voltmeter and has a fantastic build quality. They said that they are a new user but they did not have any difficulties using this meter. It gave them good value for their money as it was efficient and accurate. 

Another user said that they have been using Fluke products for over 25 years and they are still satisfied with it. This product is extremely helpful for them as it gives them fast results that are accurate. They continued by saying that this is worth the investment and every electrician should definitely invest in this product. You have the option to manually set the range of this voltmeter or it can even adjust itself automatically. The manual setting is suitable for professionals as it can give them more accuracy whereas the auto-range setting is useful for new users that do not have any experience using voltmeters.    


This voltmeter is ideal for users that want a durable product that has tons of features such as coming with a carrying case and having a flashlight attached to the front for better visibility. Not only that, it is suitable for both professionals and beginners alike. 

multimeter vs voltmeter


Multimeter – Buying Guide



A multimeter is a fantastic device that is a must-have for all electricians. Not only does it make you more efficient, but it also ensures that you get an accurate result. Multimeters are generally used to read voltage and current but there are many brands that offer much more than this. They allow the user to read temperature, frequency and resistance. Not only are multimeters versatile, but they also are easy to use even for beginners. Some multimeters have the option to detect voltage without coming into contact with the switch. This can make it safe to use for users. If you are thinking of getting a multimeter, then it is suggested that you look for one that has a warranty and has tons of useful features. 


This is an important thing to consider when you are getting a multimeter. There are tons of features that come with these products but you must choose one which is perfect for you. If you get a product that has a variety of features, it will cost you more and it might not be what you are looking for. Some of these features include things such as a flashlight for better visibility, a back-lit LED screen for easy reading and a rubber case for durability and safety. If you want to use the multimeter a lot, then it is recommended that you get one that has protection against overheating and overloading as these are a common mishap that multimeter users have to go through. Another great feature to consider is the low battery indicator which can save you time and improve efficiency as you can replace the battery well in time.   

Advantages of a multimeter

multimeter has many advantages which is a great thing for all electricians. The first thing that comes to mind is the simplicity because most models are easy to use even by inexperienced users. Not only that, but a multimeter also gives fast and accurate results which makes it a great value for your money. Furthermore, if a product has a flashlight, you can use that multimeter to work in the dark without hassle. Multimeters often come with additional safety equipment such as rubber boots or a rubber case. This not only ensures safety, but it also means that the product is more durable as it will not break in case you accidentally drop it.  

Multimeter – FAQs


What does true RMS mean on a multimeter?

True RMS stands for True Root Mean Square. The products that use the True RMS feature are more accurate than the rest and will give a faster result when measuring AC current. This feature can ensure efficiency and effectiveness.  

How do I prevent a multimeter from being damaged?

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you do not overload the multimeter. Some models have the feature to prevent this but in case your multimeter does not have this feature, simply use it within its limits. Also, try not to drop the product as it can get broken. 

How to check voltage from a multimeter?

Checking voltage from a multimeter is one of the easiest tasks if you know what you are doing. First, you must attach the positive and negative probes to the respective terminals. Once you have done that, you will start getting the reading and will know the voltage of a specific thing. 

Is the multimeter safe to use?

Multimeters are extremely safe to use for multiple reasons. Usually, these products come with rubber cases which makes the multimeter shock resistant. Not only that, many products also have overload and overheat protection adding to their safety.  

Can I use my multimeter on a live circuit?

Yes, you can absolutely check a live circuit with the help of your multimeter. The thing that you must do before using it is that you must wear proper safety equipment such as rubber gloves or shoes. Then, switch the setting on the meter to AC reading and you are good to go. 

Voltmeter – Buyers’ Guide



When the voltmeter was invented, it made life easier for electricians. It allows you to tell the electrical potential difference between two points. It tells you the voltage of the electrical equipment. The voltmeter has two types, the analog and the digital meter. Both of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Generally, the users prefer the digital one as it has newer technology and gives accurate readings. The analog meter uses old technology hence why it is cheaper but it does not give an accurate reading compared to the digital meter.  

Types of Voltmeters


  • Analog

This was the first technology used in the voltmeters. The analog multimeters show you the voltage with a pointer that moves right or left. These products are more affordable as compared to the digital meter but are difficult to use for a new user that is inexperienced. Since the technology is older, it does not give an accurate result and you have to manually set the range according to the equipment that you are reading. This can take a while to get used to and will mostly drive away beginners.

  • Digital

These voltmeters use a newer technology which is very user-friendly. It not only allows the user to easily read the measurements, but it also gives an accurate reading. Digital voltmeters are more durable as they come with rubber cases and are more efficient. Not only that, these meters have a wide variety of features such as non-contact voltage detection. On top of that, they even have a flashlight attached on the back to make it easy to see as well as a back-lit LED screen that ensures more clarity. 

Advantages of a voltmeter

A voltmeter is a beneficial device that all electricians should have. If you want to read the current or the voltage, then these meters are your best friend. They are inexpensive and have good build quality which means that they will have a longer life span. The new digital voltmeters eliminate human error and give you an accurate reading that is easy to read. These products are reliable and are smaller in size. If you are only looking to measure the current or the voltage, then a voltmeter is a must-have. The digital voltmeters are easier to use and they are more efficient as compared to the analog one. 


Voltmeter – FAQs 


How does a voltmeter work?

A voltmeter is a device that is used to measure the voltage of any given electrical equipment. It measures the difference in electrical potential. The analog voltmeter moves the pointer to the reading whereas the digital one displays the number on a screen. 

Does a voltmeter have resistance? 

A voltmeter has high amounts of resistance because it is used to measure the difference in voltage between two points. If the meter does not have a high amount of resistance, it will be extremely dangerous to use which means that having resistance is a good thing. 

Does current flow through the voltmeter?

Due to having a high amount of resistance, the current should not flow through the voltmeter. Since the user holds the voltmeter in their hand to use it, the meter prevents the current from flowing through. Otherwise, it will be dangerous for the user to utilize the equipment. 

Will resistance increase voltage?

Voltage and resistance are two things that are inversely proportional to each other. What this means is that if you increase the resistance, it will decrease the voltage or the current. Whereas if you decrease the resistance, it will increase the voltage. 

How can I read the voltmeter?

There are two types of voltmeters, digital and analog. To read the analog one, you must see where the pointer is pointing to once you have connected it to the equipment. The digital meter is simple to read. It will display a number on screen which will tell you the voltage. 

Multimeter vs Voltmeter Conclusion

Now that you have read the comparison, you must be asking yourself which meter is more suitable for you? 

This mostly depends on your needs but generally, both of these products are essentially the same. The major difference comes in the shape of versatility. 

The Voltmeter can only be used to read voltage whereas the multimeter, as the name suggests, can read a variety of measurements. These measurements can include things such as temperature, voltage, current, frequency, diodes and resistance just to name a few. 

According to our comparison, investing in a multimeter is worth it because not only can you use it for multiple purposes, it is also more efficient and has a newer technology. It will fulfil everything that a voltmeter does and give you tons of added features as well making it a great value for your money.  

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