How to Choose the Best Rotary Tools and Toolkits (Complete Buyers’ Guide 2020)

You must be ambiguous about which rotary tool will be better for you – is it the cordless rotary tool or the corded one, or the cut-out rotary tool or the basic one, or the rotary tool with fixed speed or the one with variable speed? 

No need to be doubtful! We’re here to help. 

Today, we’ll be guiding you and will look into the things that you should keep in mind while buying the best rotary tool. 

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How to Choose the Best Rotary Tools and Toolkits

Things to Look for Before Buying a Rotary Tool 

Types of rotary tools

There is a variety of rotary tools available in the market today, which vary from mode of action to operating mechanism. In order to get the best one, you need to understand what is the use of these models and if they can handle the intended jobs. 

So, let’s take a quick look at some models of rotary tools. 

Basic Rotary Tools 

If you’re an amateur or an enthusiastic DIYer, then basic rotary tools will be best for you, due to their compact size they are considered so. Such tools have small motor which might slow your pace but yet this feature offers great flexibility and control. 

In a nutshell, basic rotary tools are ideal for cutting, shaping, detail sanding, carving, smoothing and doing many small renovations. 

Cut-Out Rotary Tools 

You will definitely like cut-out rotary tools if you are working on heavy duty tasks. Unlike compact basic rotary tools, these are large and cumbrous due to their 3 to 5 Amp powerful motor. Moreover, these tools are ideal for professional and commercial uses. 

In spite of that, these rotary tools come with multiple features and a range of accessories and attachments.

In short, cut-out rotary tools are best for contractors who work on large scale on home remodeling projects. 

Corded/Electric Rotary Tools

Corded rotary tools are more preferred by people as they provide you with more power. As long as you have access to the plug, you can work for a long time. 

If you tackle tedious and detailed work, then corded tools are the best option for you. 

However, they are useless where you don’t have an outlet available and you can also get yourself tangled due to the long cord. 

Cordless Rotary Tools

Cordless rotary drills are compact, mobile and portable. They are great for amateurs, DIYers and even for professionals who are looking for a rotary tool to handle quick, small jobs. Furthermore, you can use the tool outdoors with ease. 

That said, with the cordless models you’re at the mercy of the battery life. If you’re working for a long time with a rotary tool or forget to charge the tool before getting started, then you’re going to lose your precious time in its charging. 

How to Choose the Best Rotary Tools and Toolkits

What are the features to look for while buying a rotary tool? 

If you find the following features in a rotary tool, then buy it!

Long-Lasting Motor 

Look for the rotary tools with well grounded motors. Good brands make the rotary tools with no-maintenance motors and sealed ball bearings for noiseless operation.

Replaceable Motor Brushes 

If you want your rotary tool to last longer, then go for the one with replaceable motor brushes. These replaceable brushes can extend the life of the tool up to 5 times, but you need to replace them after every 40-50 hours of use.

Docking Station for Cordless Rotary Tools 

A docking station can charge your cordless rotary tool continuously and quickly. 

LED Lights

Rotary tool with LED lights can illuminate the dark places. If you’re working at night or in a dark place then this feature is gonna help you a lot. 

Variable Speed Feature 

Rotary tools that come with variable speed will allow you to perform a number of activities. In case of cordless drills, this feature will save the battery power too. 

Accessory Kit

Rotary tools that come with accessory kits will give you a variety in the range of projects. Moreover, you don’t need to invest in separate accessories. 

Electronic Feedback System

Rotary tools with electronic feedback system will help you to maintain the speed and control of the drill while etching or engraving.

What is the nature of work for which you are going to use the rotary tool?

The first thing to consider before buying a rotary tool is that for which kind of work you’re going to use it.

Probably you know the task, but not the tool for it, right? 

So, let’s take a look at what you should choose.

If you’re a professional, you should go for electric rotary tools as they are powerful and best suited for your everyday use.

On the other hand, if you’re a hobbyist or a DIYer then you should buy the cordless drills as they offer more control and are great for small projects around the house. 

Moreover, use the right attachments with your rotary tool. We’d recommend not to use the drill while making large cuts, it’s better to use a saw. Also, don’t exert extra force when working with one.

What is the area of work where you are going to use the rotary tool?

We’d recommend you to buy the one which is well-suited for your work area. For instance, if you’re working in dark area get the rotary tool with LED lights. Also, avoid using the power tools near harmful gases or flammable liquids. 

Which speed of the rotary tool will be more suitable for you?

You must have seen RPM (rotations per minute) figure in the features of rotary tools. This indicates the maximum speed a power drill can achieve. The higher the RPM, the faster is the speed and more precise the holes and cuts can be. 

Not only this, high speed will allow you to polish the metals quickly and will finely grind the materials. 

Some tools come with only two speeds – high speed and low speed. Such tools are best for light duty tasks and for pet grooming. Whereas, the rotary tools with variable speed feature will allow you to perform a variety of tasks from medium duty to heavy duty jobs. 

To what extent the power of the rotary tool matters?

Usually, power ratings of rotary tools are given in Amp, while in cordless tools these power figures are specified in terms of volts. Whereas, you must’ve also seen Ah figures on some rotary tools that adds more power and run-time. 

Power is another important feature to consider before buying a rotary tool. Today, even cheap drills are available with powerful motors. 

However, it is true that corded rotary tools have more power than cordless ones. They are well-known for providing consistent power and reliability. If you are planning to work on some heavy jobs, or if you are going to work for long then corded rotary drills are the best option. 

While cordless tools are great for quick finish work, or detail work or where there is a power failure.

What are the attachments and accessories that come with the rotary tool?

Who doesn’t like additional accessories! They are always welcome when buying a rotary tool and are worth the money.

In addition to this, there are many rotary tools in the market which come with a variety of accessories and attachments. We’d recommend you to go for such toolkits so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Is the rotary tool comfortable and easy to use? 

We’d recommend you to choose the rotary tool which is easy to operate, portable, not noisy, has less vibrations and also changing the bits is convenient. 

Moreover, keep the following things in mind too:

  • Weight

Using heavy drills for small activities can be stressful. So, do check the weight of the rotary tool and buy the one which suits you.

  • Ergonomic design 

While working for long hours, you may get fatigued. So, buy the one with ergonomic design that doesn’t make you tired while working for a longer period of time. 

  • Grip 

Buy the rotary tool with a strong grip, so it may not slip away.

Is bit changing system in the rotary tool convenient? 

Changing the bits hardly take a minute. But many people break the chuck while changing the bit. So, you should go for the rotary tool which has a quick and easy bit changing system.

Is the rotary tool budget friendly?

An expensive rotary tool doesn’t mean that it’s better and the best one. You surely don’t want to buy a costly drill and end up not using it. 

Buy the one that is in your budget and which will help you a lot. Today, there are many rotary tools available with great features at affordable prices. 


This concludes our buyers’ guide for choosing the best rotary tools for your home. Just buy the one which is well-suited for your activities, convenient to use, portable and affordable. 

Hope now you know which is the perfect rotary tool for you. 

If we’ve missed something, let us know in the comments. 

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