Ryobi vs Dewalt: Which Drill is Better? (Comparison, FAQs)

We agree that choosing a good drill that fulfills most of your needs can be tiring.

But, what if we mention that Ryobi and Dewalt are two options that will provide you the convenience to move about your workplace safely and make drilling a fun activity for you? 

Choosing which drill tops the other is quite a delicate budgetary decision. Yes, both of these are outstanding models, but which one is better? For that, let us have a brief look at some of their features.


Key Features/Ratings
Here's what you get:
  • Battery voltage: This model of Dewalt uses 20V of batteries
  • Weight: You will find the Dewalt 20V to be around 3.4 pounds
  • Warranty: Dewalt 20V has a 3-year limited warranty


Key Features/Ratings
Here's what you get:
  • Battery voltage: The batteries used in this product are of 18V
  • Weight: This product weighs only 2.7 pounds
  • Warranty: The warranty of this product is for 3 good years

Now that we have had a preview of some of the features of these two products, let us now have an exhausting look to compare which drill is better for you.

1. DEWALT DCD791D2 20V Review - Quick Review, Features, Pros & Cons

To put it simply, we would say that the Dewalt DCD791D2 is a beast. We have found it to be durable and powerful. Because of its good features, you will notice that it costs a cut above most drill drivers. This power drill has been designed to work on brushless motor technology. Since brushless motors require less maintenance, it is satisfying to know that this motor drill is guaranteed to run smoothly.

Features of DEWALT DCD791D2 20V – Ryobi vs DeWalt

  • High-speed transmission with two speed settings
  • Weighs around 8.1 pounds
  • Uses 2 Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Material used is plastic and metal
  • Has a 3-year limited warranty
  • Brushless motor delivers up to 57% more run time
  • Lightweight 
  • Good battery life
  • Compact design
  • LED light
  • The chuck is kind of finicky
  • No magnetic bit holder


Benefits of DEWALT DCD791D2 20V

The biggest benefit that we would consider for this power motor to have is the technology used in it. Because of the brushless motor technology, it delivers 57% more run time than its brushed counterparts. You will notice that since this power motor uses brushless technology, it is less likely to malfunction. Since it does not have brushes that can get damaged or worn out.

We were astonished to see how Dewalt DCD791D2 takes built-in LED lights to a whole new level. It has a three-mode system along with a spotlight mode that will help you to use it in dark workspaces. The light is twenty times brighter. Moreover, the light shuts off on its own after 20 minutes of disuse. Hence, saving your battery life for long.

The lithium batteries that come with the Dewalt DCD791D2 also have a battery gauge. This battery gauge will prove to be very useful to you if you do not want your work cut short by dead batteries. While you are using one of the batteries, you can always charge the other. This will help you save time. Hence, this will prove to be a handy feature for you. 

Customer Feedback about DEWALT DCD791D2 20V

Customer reviews have shown that they consider the Dewalt DCD791D2 to be quite a useful tool. Many customers were afraid to buy this drill at first because they feared that since this power drill is more powerful, it will be larger and heavier. But general reviews have shown that after the purchase of Dewalt DCD791D2, the customers were quite satisfied with its size and weight.

We found some reviews that stated that the chuck of this power drill is a bit loose. They have to be careful while removing the bits, otherwise, they fall out of the drill. 

General reviews have also shown that customers feel that the carrying case is a bit too small.  They wish it was slightly larger to allow them to carry more of the drill bits and other tools like the screwdriver.

From our research and the reviews, we have deducted that the customers are quite satisfied with the battery life of this power drill. We, as well as the customers, find the batteries to be extremely dependable and long-lasting. This saves time and makes this power drill exceedingly reliable.


After thorough testing and exploration, we would say that the features of this power drill make it a good purchase. The brushless motor technology makes it more reliable and allows it to run smoothly. Even though this power dill does not come with a magnetic bit holder, it comes with a case that allows you to hold drill bits. We salute the self-shut off feature of the LED light in this power drill as it will help you in consuming energy and the battery life of your drill. 

2. Ryobi P1811 Review - Overview, Features, Pros & Cons

Ryobi P1811 is considered as one of the most popular Ryobi home DIY drill drivers. We found it to have a number of convenient features and a comfortable design. It is quite handy to use because of its light weight. The interesting characteristic of this power motor is that it has a ½ inch keyless chuck with an automatic spindle lock. You can also use this drill as a screwdriver by simply turning on the lowest speed settings.

Features of Ryobi P1811

  • Weighs around 6.8 lbs
  • Material used is plastic and steel
  • Battery charge time in 1 hour
  • Has two speed settings
  • Comes with a tool bag, two batteries, and battery charger
  • LED light
  • Affordable price
  • Batteries are compatible with most Ryobi tool models
  • Magnetic holder for screws
  • Sturdy
  • Poor battery life
  • The tool bag quality could be better


Benefits of Ryobi P1811

What we would like to consider the biggest benefit of Ryobi P1811 is the fact that this power motor has more convenience features than other drills you will find in this price range.

Another amazing advantage of the Ryobi P1811 is that it will provide you with 14 torque levels. This will give you the freedom to choose an optimal option based on the materials used and the task at hand. Moreover, it won’t be troublesome as you will be able to select the needed torque at a single click of a switch.

The Ryobi P1811 comes with an LED light feature that will help you with your drilling tasks while working in dark places. Hence, making your life simple and trouble-free.

This power motor also comes with a battery charger and a tool bag. The tool bag will help you keep your drilling stuff in one place and be more organized. Moreover, this drill also comes with a magnetic holder for screws that makes drilling less messy work.

Customer Feedback about Ryobi P1811

General reviews show that this power drill is quite a star. This power motor is generally liked because of its amazing features, and that too, at a reasonable price. So, we believe those are good enough reasons to accept the hype about this product.

Who doesn’t love a product that comes with accessories and tools, right? And this is another reason why general reviews stated this to be a very good product. The tools that you will find with the Ryobi P1811 include two batteries, a battery charger, and a tool bag.

Users also consider Ryobi P1811 to be a strong and reliable tool. The torque settings in this power motor are highly appreciated as it makes it less likely to wear out the screw head or driver bit if the screw stops turning.

One negative feedback that we noticed in the general reviews was that the batteries don’t last that long after a few uses. The batteries were hence noted not to be of as high capacity as many other famous power drills.


The Ryobi P1811 power motor seems to us like a good purchase. It offers you convenient features and an easy-to-use design. We were surprised to see that all the amazing accessories and features are provided by Ryobi at such an inexpensive price. It was noticed by us that this model uses a half-inch keyless chuck, which can be very convenient. Moreover, the amazing magnetic holder that comes with this power drill will allow you to store the drill bits. The LED light illuminates your workspace when you start drilling and makes drilling easy. However, the downside to this power motor that we noticed was its battery life. After a few uses, you might need to change your batteries for better performance.

ryobi vs dewalt


Ryobi vs Dewalt – Buyers’ Guide & FAQs

Whose batteries are better: Ryobi P1811 or Dewalt DCD791D2?

The batteries of both these power drills are quite different. Dewalt DCD791D2 uses 20V batteries. You will find these batteries to be quite durable. The battery gauge that comes with the batteries allows you to charge one battery while you use the other. This makes drilling convenient and less-hectic. The Ryobi P1811, on the other hand, has 18V batteries. These batteries are considered compatible with other Ryobi tools. However, if we were to compare the battery life, the Dewalt batteries are far better than Ryobi batteries.

What is the motor technology used in both Ryobi P1811 and Dewalt DCD791D2?

Both of these power drills run on brushless motor technology. Since brushless tools malfunction less, you will rarely need to worry about them being damaged or worn out. This technology will allow the drills to run smoothly and seldom require maintenance from your side.

How is the LED light in the Ryobi P1811 power motor helpful?

The LED light is a great feature that comes with this power motor. It can be used to illuminate your workspace when you are drilling. You can easily drill in tight spaces because of this power motors’ compact size and LED light.

Is it true that the batteries of Ryobi P1811 power motor are compatible with other devices as well?

Yes, it is true that the batteries of Ryobi P1811 are widely compatible. You will find the drill pack to come with two P102 18V batteries that you can use with most of Ryobi’s tools. Furthermore, the batteries are up to multi-tasking. May it be lights, fans, refrigerated coolers, or any other power tool, you can use them easily.  

What is the biggest complain users have about the Ryobi P1811 power motor?

Some customers complained about the power motor not being as powerful. But considering its price, it is good enough. What we found most of the customers to whine about was the battery life of Ryobi P1811. The reviews stated that the drill works great at first but it died down after a few uses. So, it is advisable to keep spares in order to avoid any run-time trouble.

What are the accessories that come with the Ryobi P1811 power motor?

The Ryobi P1811 power motor comes with 2 Li-Ion batteries, a charger and a tool bag. Hence, we can say that this power drill is equipped with ready to use accessories for ease of packing and your convenience.

What is the battery type of the Dewalt DCD791D2 power motor?

The Dewalt DCD701D2 uses Lithium-Ion batteries. You will also find a battery gauge with these Li-Ion batteries. The battery gauge will prove to be very useful as you can always keep one of your batteries on charge while you are using the other.

What are the advantages of the Dewalt DCD791D2 20v power motor?

The Dewalt DCD791D2 is a very powerful power drill. We tested it to be quite durable. One of the biggest advantages of this motor is its use of brushless motor technology. Hence, it runs smoothly and requires the least maintenance from you. The self-shut off feature of the LED light in this power motor is simply amazing and will help you conserve its battery life. Moreover, this power drill comes with a belt hook for increased mobility.

What kind of work can be done with the Dewalt DCD791D2 20v power motor?

The Dewalt DCD791D2 weighs only 3.4 pounds, but you will find it to have enormous amounts of power. All of Dewalt’s tools take into consideration both the speed and the torque and have their power capacity measured using UWO (Unit WattsOut). Hence, the Dewalt DCD791D2 will be perfect for you to handle light and medium-duty maintenance tasks.

Is Dewalt DCD791D2 20v famous because of the brand name or is it really that good?

It may be easy to believe that the Dewalt DCD791D2 is famous only because of the brand name. But this model lives up to the standards of Dewalt products. The Dewalt DCD791D2 is a powerful drilling motor. It comes with amazingly good features and accessories that will prove to be quite useful to you. It has a 3-year warranty and comes with long-lasting batteries. 

Final Verdict

It was a close call between Ryobi and Dewalt, but for us, Dewalt DCD791D2 is the winner. The fact that it is called the beast clears any doubt of its durability. We were surprised by how light this motor drill was and still delivers an enormous amount of power and torque. The self-shut off feature of its LED light is absolutely genius and we hope you will like it as much as we did. It is twenty times brighter and will allow you to work in dark places easily.

So, this concludes our article on the comparison between Ryobi and Dewalt. We hope this article proves helpful to you in making a decision between the two power drills.

Do let us know your feedback. Happy drilling!

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