Ryobi vs Milwaukee: Detailed Comparison, Review, Guide, FAQs

We agree that powerful drills can be overwhelming at times.

What if we offer you options that will help you with your household and medium strength tasks easily? For that, we would like to introduce the Ryobi HJP004 and Milwaukee M12 power drills to you.

We can assure you that these drills will not let you down. Their light-weight and compact design will make them fairly practical. But which one is better? Choosing a better drill over the other won’t be easy. But, let us start by looking at some of their features.


Key Features/Ratings
Here's what you get:
  • Color: This product is available in two colors: gray and orange
  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium-Ion batteries are used in this product
  • LED light: You will find an LED work light with this product to help you with your drilling tasks


Key Features/Ratings
Here's what you get:
  • Color: The Milwaukee M12 drill is only available in red color
  • Battery Cell Type: This product uses Lithium-Titanate batteries
  • LED light: Milwaukee M12 has an LED light feature to help you work in tight spaces

Now that you have an idea about what kind of features you will find in these power drills, let us dig in deeper to have a look at what more these drills have to offer.

1. Ryobi HJP004 Review - Features, Pros, Cons and Overview

If you are looking for a great bargain drill, then look no further than the Ryobi HJP004. You can easily find this cordless drill in your local hardware store. It might seem a bit cheap compared to its competitors. However, do not let its price fool you. This drill comes with an amazing load of features and remains to be a preferred tool of many.

Features of Ryobi HJP004 – Ryobi vs Milwaukee

  • Weighs around 3.1 pounds
  • Uses a 12V Lithium-Ion battery
  • Consists of an LED work-light
  • Available in two colors: orange and gray
  • Product dimensions are 3.1 X 7.1 X 7.9 inches
  • Very affordable
  • Durable
  • Can run for a long time
  • Lightweight
  • Compact size 
  • No speed settings
  • Not a heavy-duty drill


Benefits of Ryobi HJP004

We found this drill to be quite affordable. The Ryobi HJP004 power drill gives you optimal performance in a compact size. This drill weighs only 3.1 pounds, which makes it perfect for operating in tight spaces.

It is common for cordless drills to have an LED light. Not only that, but this power drill also has an LED battery indicator. This will tell you how much power the drill still has. You can then be mentally prepared to change the batteries before they drain out completely.

The battery of this power drill is 33% lighter in weight and you will find the drill to be 30% more compact. Hence, because of its lightweight and 12V batteries, this drill will prove to be the best for you when working on small projects and doing light work.

Customer Feedback about Ryobi HJP004

We were not surprised to find out that because of this drill’s lightweight, even women find it easy to use. Customers also appreciated the size and power of this motor drill. The reviews stated that it was easy to drill with Ryobi HJP004 in tight spaces because of its compact space.

General reviews have stated that this handy little drill is perfect for small projects. For bigger projects, the customers preferred any other full-sized drill. However, for light projects around the house, this little guy worked pretty well for them.

Along with much positive feedback, we also noticed some negative remarks from the customers. Some of the users complained that it was not a heavy-duty drill. The chucks seemed to constantly loosen up a bit, causing the bit or drill to fall out. Moreover, we also deducted from customer reviews that the battery life was not up to the customers’ expectations. They have complained about improving the battery life of this cordless power drill.


We would have to say that Ryobi HJP004 is a great alternative to most of its more expensive rivals. It has shown decent performance. Moreover, It is capable of doing any household improvement job. The customers using this product appreciate the features that this low-priced drill provides extensively. This 3.1 pounds drill comes with a 3/8 inch heavy-duty keyless chuck that will allow you to use it for extended hours. We found the LED battery indicator to be quite useful as it makes the user aware of how long the drill can work. Even though, this drill does not have any speed settings, it does have a forward/reverse button and adjustable power settings for drilling. 

2. Milwaukee M12 Review - 30 Second Summary

The Milwaukee M12 gave us a run for our money. This power drill proved to be quite powerful for its 12 Volts batteries. Not only that, but it also seemed to be extremely lightweight with only 2.5 pounds. You will also find the features of this power drill to be quite impressive. The fuel gauge and the LED light in the front of the drill help in making drilling an easy task for you.

Features of Milwaukee M12

  • Available in only red color
  • Weighs around 2.5 pounds
  • Runs on M12 batteries
  • Battery cell type is Lithium-Titanate
  • Product dimensions are 2.2 x 7.3 x 6.9 inches
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to use
  • Has a warranty of 5 years on drill
  • Easy to hold
  • Chuck is wrapped
  • Poor battery life


Benefits of Milwaukee M12

The Milwaukee M12 is one of those drills that you pick up and feel right away that the drill is well balanced. A well-balanced drill helps you in many ways. Your fatigue is minimized, your work becomes more accurate, and you can work longer if you have a well-balanced drill or power tool.

Another benefit of Milwaukee M12 that is worth mentioning is its charge time. Your battery is going to get fully charged within 30 minutes because of the Lithium-ion battery used in Milwaukee M12. This will allow you to keep working in between charges. We tested this drill, and not once did we fully use the battery before the other was charged.

Something that we could not ignore was the fact that this drill uses a 3/8” metal chuck. You will notice that most of the small drills come with plastic chucks instead of metal. In addition, it has been observed that these plastic chucks tend to strip after prolonged use. This metal chuck used in Milwaukee M12 can endure heavy abuse and hence work for a long time.

Customer Feedback about Milwaukee M12

Customer reviews have explained this power drill to be smooth, lightweight, and powerful. Although the Milwaukee M12 is not as powerful as a 20V drill, customers have stated that this power drill still works very well. It has been observed that this drill has proven to work exceptionally great in drilling holes through concrete planters as well as tiny holes around your house. Hence, customers believe it to be a well-built cordless drill.

General reviews also showed that the customers are satisfied with many other features of this power drill. After finding out that this power drill has a metal chuck and a warranty of 5 years, the customer’s state that they did not have to worry or think much before buying this product. The astounding features of Milwaukee M12 drew in people to buy this drill without much thought.

One thing that the customers complained about was the battery life of this power drill. The users have shown their disappointment clearly by saying that the batteries do not hold a charge after using it for over 2 years. Milwaukee M12 does have a warranty of 2 years on its batteries but the customers have explained their grief by saying that such a great product needs to have a longer battery life as well. 


All said and done, we find this little drill to be quite amazing. This power drill displays great power as compared to its 12V battery. Milwaukee M12 is packed with great features that will make you go wow. If big drills are too hard to handle, and you are looking for a smaller professional power tool, then have a look at this power drill. This power drill is easy to hold and has great balance. Moreover, it will also prove to be useful to you while you work in tight spaces because of its LED light feature.

ryobi vs milwaukee

Ryobi vs Milwaukee – Buyers’ Guide & FAQs

Which power motor has a better price: Ryobi or Milwaukee?

When it comes to price, Ryobi HJP004 is better than Milwaukee M12. It is true that Milwaukee comes with great features and substantial quality but the price can be considered as exceedingly high.

What is the warranty time of Ryobi and Milwaukee power motors?

The time warranty of both these seemed to us as acceptable. Milwaukee, however, won again in this race. The time warranty for Ryobi is 3 years. We perceived this to be a decent number considering the price that this product comes with. However, it was mind-blowing to find out that the time warranty of Milwaukee M12 is 5 years. 

Which of the two power motors is lighter in weight: Ryobi or Milwaukee?

Both these power drills are comparatively lighter than many other power drills. But, out of these two Milwaukee M12 is lighter with a weight of around 2.5 pounds. The weight of Ryobi HJP004 is not that heavy either with a weight of around 3.1 pounds.

Which of the two power motors have a better battery recharge time: Milwaukee or Ryobi?

With the battery included, we noticed that the charge time of Ryobi HJP004 is 45 minutes. Milwaukee M12 proved to be better in this feature as well. It had a quick 20 minute charge time. With these charge times, you will always have the power to complete your home improvement needs. 

What are the most common complaints about the Ryobi HJP004 power motor?

One of the most common complaints that we found was that this was not a heavy-duty drill. But we think that the users should not blame Ryobi as this model of Ryobi is only 12V. It works well for small and medium-sized tasks but for heavy tasks, the customers should look for a drill with more power and higher voltage batteries. Another complaint that the users had was about the chuck of this drill. We also noticed that the chuck constantly loosens up causing drill bits to fall.

Describe Some of the features of Ryobi HJP004 compact drill?

The Ryobi HJP004 tool kit includes a drill, battery, and a charger. The heavy-duty keyless chuck that we found in this power drill is ⅜ inches in size. This will help you in quick and easy bit changes. Moreover, Ryobi HJP004 includes a 22-position clutch that can help you with high torque applications.

Is it true that the Ryobi HJP004 can run out of battery without any indication?

Yes, it has been mentioned by many users in customer reviews. The customers have displayed their frustration and dissatisfaction clearly and asked Ryobi to look into this feature. We would also consider this as an extremely underrated feature. There is nothing more exasperating than having to put your work on hold because the battery of your product died unexpectedly. 

What is included in the Milwaukee M12 tool kit?

Milwaukee M12 comes with a few useful accessories. The toolkit of Milwaukee M12 consists of two 12V lithium-batteries, a belt clip, a battery charger, and a contractor bag. Other than that, Milwaukee batteries have a fuel gauge that displays the level of charge remaining in the drill.

Are M12 and M12 fuel batteries interchangeable?

Yes, the batteries of these products are interchangeable. These lithium cells can be used in both M12 standard and M12 fuel tools. Because of this, you can consider these batteries as versatile.

How many speed options are available in Milwaukee M12 power drill?

The Milwaukee M12 power drill has 3 speed options available that you can change according to your needs while drilling. This product has a push button that has three speed options along with a self-tapping screw mode. The speed range of each level are mentioned below:

Speed 1: 0 – 1,300 rpm

Speed 2: 0 – 2,400 rpm

Speed 3: 0 – 3,300 rpm

Final Verdict

The winner of this battle is the Milwaukee M12 drill driver. After our thorough testing and research, there was not much question that Milwaukee M12 is the highest performing power drill in the 12V class. The power that this drill accelerates is absolutely mind-blowing. Not only that, but you will also find this power drill to be lightweight and compact in design. This power drill has a warranty of 5 years on the drill. Moreover, it is easy to use and is well-balanced.

Hence, comes the conclusion to our epic battle between Ryobi and Milwaukee drill drivers. We hope this article helps you in making a decision for yourself while buying a power drill.

We hope we kept you entertained throughout the article by providing you useful information.

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