Simply Spray Upholstery Paint Reviews – Top 5 Picks, Buyer’s Guide, FAQs, Feedback & More

Upholstery not only adorns the wooden furniture but also adds luxurious comfort to it. Be it a sofa, chair, couch, or any other furnishing item, painting upholstery with quality paints pretties up the overall outlook of your sitting room. 

But, deciding on the best fabric paint is an arduous task.

Simply Spray is a leading upholstery paint-producing company. To give you a trustable idea about the best upholstery spray paints, we have searched and scripted our brief views about Simply Spray paints here.

Top Pick

This spray paint is user-friendly, peel and crack proof, eco-conscious, and contains material that is benign and soft on the fabric. It has a moderate drying period which suits to changing pale color with the dark hide.

Runner Up

Ideal for outdoor chairs, couch, and comfort cushions, a little non-irritant fuming, soft drying, and contained in economical cans, is this fabric spray. It supplies the color which doesn't peel off. Detailed review is given below.

Also Great

This is an ultimate upholstery spray for outdoor DIY projects. It could deliver vinyl finish in one coat on any fabric-like material, and cover up to a meter square of the material surface. It is reviewed below.

Scripted below is our brief review on the best serving products from Simply Spray for your fabric spray project.

#1: Best Absorbent Simply Spray Upholstery - Simply Spray Fabric Paint

If you wish to paint your couch upholstery and matching cushions with a paint that would absorb instantly into the fabric, provide equal paint cover, not fade its color whether it’s a dark one, emerald green for example and could be washed off hands easily but bears the test of time, then you can pick this product out. 

Our multiple reviews reach the point that this is one of the best indoor fabric paints because its use would spare you from paint odor and toxicity. Apart from that it’s crack-proof and binds well to the fabrics.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Simply Spray Fabric Paint


Adhesion: It absorbs in the fabric very well and the adhesion is timeless.

Durability: It doesn’t crack or peel for years.

Drying time: Only 30 minutes are required by it to dry without heating for its proper setting.

Paint Texture: This product gives a  smooth and velvety texture to your painted fabric.

Ease of Application: You can start spraying your project once the cans are unsealed.

  • Interior utility
  • No peeling
  • Non-flammable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quick-drying
  • Limited color options

Best Absorbent Simply Spray Upholstery 

Best Absorbent Simply Spray Upholstery is Simply Spray Fabric Paint because it absorbs in the fabric and provides the desired outlook instantly.

#2: Finest Soft Texture Simply Spray Upholstery Paint - Simply Spray Designer Accents

Afraid of the stiff texture of conventional paints on your upholstery fabric? To take your worries away, we decided to test this paint, and it seeks to deliver a soft touch fabric-like texture even on codoura.

This product is holistically ideal to yield a soft paint cover be it a  couch cushion or an automotive seat. Hence it proves the best utility for your DIY projects or any professional fabric painting project alike.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Simply Spray Designer Accents


Adhesion: It adheres well to moisture-absorbing fabric only. 

Durability: This paint, when well done, would not rub off or faint any sooner.

Drying time: You can do a few coats in a few hours, but the best drying is achieved in almost 48 hours.

Paint Texture: It delivers a soft-to-touch paint texture. 

Ease of Application: Its multi-angle easy-to-use tip offers fatigue-less application. 

  • Permanent spray
  • Absorbent
  • Cost-effective
  • Trendy color
  • All-angle nozzle tip
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for a limited fabric qualities

Finest Soft Texture Simply Spray Upholstery Paint 

Finest Soft Texture Simply Spray Upholstery Paint is Simply Spray Designer Accents because it doesn’t give a stiff texture of painted fabrics and covers a great surface with a single can.

#3: Premier Outdoor Simply Spray Upholstery - Simply Spray Waterproof Outdoor Fabric Paint

This waterproof fabric paint is designed to be waterproof. Our team tested it in multiple outdoor conditions and found it to be highly durable. Besides that, this paint does not rub off especially from chair seats.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Simply Spray Waterproof Outdoor Fabric Paint


Adhesion: It flawlessly adheres to the fabric and gives it a waterproof cover.

Durability: Suitability for the outdoor painting project is because of trustable endurance.

Drying time: For better results, you should give a 2 hours delay in recoating and an overall 72 hours for complete drying of the paint.

Paint Texture: Hard vinylic texture is the waterproofing secret of this product.

Ease of Application: It comes in a small, easy to grip, and easy to apply bottle.

  • Affordable price
  • Vinyl Finish
  • Hard coating
  • waterproof
  • Weather shield
  • Thick coverage
  • A bit rough coating

Premier Outdoor Simply Spray Upholstery 

Premier Outdoor Simply Spray Upholstery is Simply Spray Waterproof Outdoor Fabric Paint because it bears the harsh weather and maintains the usefulness of outdoor furniture fabrics.

#4: Superb Light Coat Simply Spray Upholstery Paint - Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint

Our team picked this product because of its ability to dry faster. You can use this paint to dye your outdoor chair, grill, or other objects and other objects. Other than that, you can craft different textures by spraying multiple layers of this fabric paint.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Simply Spray Soft Fabric 


Adhesion: Multiple coats are required by this product to yield desired color adhesion and excellence.

Durability: Once the spraying is properly done, it can last up to 4-5 years without wear and tear.

Drying time: It takes only 20 minutes for soft drying, hence recoating could be done after a snack break. 

Paint Texture: Justifying the brand name, it maintains the softness of your upholstery fabrics.

Ease of Application: The smaller cans with easy-to-handle nozzles guarantee convenient application.

  • Firm coats
  • Fast drying
  • Great value for money
  • Permanent dye
  • Low fuming
  • Kids friendly
  • Requires multiple coats for the desired finish

Superb Light Coat Simply Spray Upholstery Paint 

Superb Light Coat Simply Spray Upholstery Paint is Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint because with the adhesive soft coating you can have the luxury of priming and following coats add depths to the finish.

#5: Convenient designing Simply Spray Upholstery - Simply Spray Stencil Spray

Modern stencil designs are well-applauded in designers’ comments these days. We tested this product from Simply Sprays and got amazing stencil patterns on our furnishing fabric. Amazingly, the fading patches can be cleverly merged into stencil paint designs.

This product can be used conveniently; it would not need to search for a company of heat-sets, binders, and dryers if you decided to use it. It doesn’t rub off on washing. So, you could pick it out and give your couch a modern look.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Simply Spray Stencil Spray 


Adhesion: Although it binds firmly to the fabric, the use of adhesive spray enhances the competence of the paint. 

Durability: The stencil cover is a bit delicate. The durability is preserved if the cover is well-maintained.

Drying time: In 2-5 minutes, you can peel off the stencils because the paint absorbs in seconds. But we suggest giving it a day.

Paint Texture: Smooth and soft paint cover would be obtained. 

Ease of Application: Just remove the blue protective seal and start painting, easy!

  • Nitrogen-based propelling
  • Dries flexible
  • Harmless chemicals
  • Handy nozzle
  • Smooth Cover
  • Resilient against weather
  • At times, you need to search for a good adhesive for prep.

Convenient designing Simply Spray Upholstery 

Convenient designing Simply Spray Upholstery is Simply Spray Stencil Spray because it gives a mess-free smooth finish because the colors merge very well.

best spray paint

Buyers’ Guide


To get the desired finish, be it smooth velvety, vinylic, or hard waterproofing, you should follow the guidelines printed on the cans, published on the website or you can watch tutorials online.

Ease of Use:

You’ll concur with our review that the product which gives mess-free services, easy to grip and use would win your heart. So, trust these products because they serve the purpose.


Upholstery bears frequent tough use. Therefore, the durability of the paint used on it must be exceptional; the paint must be firmly bonded and resistant to rub off.


The soft texture is always guaranteed by Simply Spay because of its harmless advanced formula. It’s just not us who claim so, but a number of product reviews by users affirm it.


Aerosols add to global warming and diseases. Luckily, the products listed above are well tested by environmentalists and medical practitioners and accredited as safe to use for both the environment and humans.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can fabric paints wash off easily?

Fabric paints of better quality are durable because they bind well with the material and don’t peel off or crack with abrasion or bad weather. And we are sure that you would not like to ruin your patio sittings by using ill-reviewed products.

Why is it important to use Eco-friendly fabric paints?

Our ecosystem is our sole survival kit on planet Earth. Aerosols spray used to the havoc Ozone layer and cause global warming. But, we reviewed the products which are non-toxic, non-flammable, and harmless for the user and the environment alike. 

Do upholstery paints work?

Yes, they certainly do. Upholstery paints work well if they are used on the right fabric. The choices of well-suited fabric are usually printed on spray cans. You can pick out the best products to rejuvenate your articles.

How long does fabric paint stay on?

Very long, depending on the hard work you put in the maintenance of your painted fabric. It also depends upon how accurate products you have used. Fading can be a problem if you paint your fabric with cheap oil-based. Use weather-resistant paints for outdoor preferably. 

How can I paint my couch fabric?

  1. Analyze the fabric type and choose paint.
  2. Read the instructions and apply them accordingly.
  3. Recoat if needed, giving sufficient time between the coats.
  4. Leave it for up to 3 days to let the paint set.
  5. Don’t forget to carry safety precautions.

Final Verdict

So, we have reached a point to give you our final comment on the best product for upholstery by Simy Sprays. Our winner for today is  Simply Spray Fabric Paint because it’s harmless and non-messy in use, binds well to give a soft finish, and provides a new outlook to your upholstery fabric. 

It is tested by experts and has proved its worth among the best products for the job. It dries out quickly, is fatigue-free to apply and an economical option to have won our praise tonight.

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