How to Use a Laser Level for Framing – Outdoor Laser Level Guide (Upd. 2020)

It is vital to know how to use a laser level before starting your work with any of the laser levels. Laser levels come in different sizes. Moreover, you can make use of it for different purposes. For example, you can use it for aligning a wall, checking the height of a door or a window, floor leveling, plumbing the wall, installing drop ceilings and many more. 

Laser levels also help you to frame a level comfortably. You may think of it as an easy job. But proper steps are needed to be followed in order to do it right. 

How to Use a Laser Level for Framing

So, given below are a few steps that will help you to use a laser level for framing like a pro.

Step 1: Find the Right Spot

First and foremost, you need to find a good spot to place your laser level. If you are using it indoors, then putting the laser level in the center of the room would be a great choice.

Step 2: Set the Tripod

Now that you have found the perfect spot, it is time for you to set the device. For this you will need to install the laser level with a tripod stand. You will need to be extra careful not to drop the laser level while doing so.

Step 3: Start the Laser Level

So you have placed the laser level and set it in place? Now, you will need to start the laser level and you can simply do that by pressing the start button of the device.

Step 4: Allow it to Self-level

After turning on the device, you need to self-level it. If you are using a manual laser level, then you will need to adjust the screws to bring the bubbles of the level to the center. However, some devices come with the self-leveling feature. In that case, you will need to give the device some time to self-level itself.

Step 5: Scale

The next time will require you to scale the laser level. That will entirely depend on your requirement and the type of project you will be working on.

Step 6: Shoot the Laser

How to Use a Laser Level for Framing

You have made all the adjustments and set the laser level according to your requirement. Now, you will have to shoot the laser.

Step 7: Set up Location

After shooting the laser, you will need to set up a top wall frame location. 

Step 8: Make a Line

In the next step, you will have to make a line from where you can measure. As we have tested, it may need some minor adjustments in different rooms.

Step 9: Put the Shims in the Right Place

After making the line according to your requirement, you will need to put the shims in the right place. You can do that with the help of a laser. The bolt will need to be screwed up properly. To avoid any error, you will need to make sure that the shims are attached strongly in place.

Step 10: Attach Firmly

Lastly, you will need to attach the sills firmly. The rest of the measurements can be made later with the help of the sills.


Laser levels are useful devices that help you in getting important things done. To use a laser level for framing is not easy if you are a beginner. But worry not, it is definitely not impossible. If you want to know the proper method of using a laser level for framing, then you will need to carefully go through each step. Do not skip any steps in order to get your work done faster. That will, however, only give you inaccurate measurements. 

We hope that this article will prove to be useful to you and will help you to achieve your desired results. Do let us know if we missed something.  

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