How to Use a Laser Level for Grading – A Newbie Guide (Steps Included) Upd. 2020

For us, a laser level is a must-have tool that every construction worker should possess in their toolkit. You will notice that the use of a laser level can vary depending on the person and the capabilities of the tool. 

The grading is one of the best uses of a laser level. Before the workers start with the construction on the site, they can grade the site with the help of a laser level. This helps them in making their work easy. But you should know how to use a laser level for grading because you cannot do it yourself without having any proper knowledge on how to do it.  

So today, we will discuss on how to use a laser level for grading through this step by step guide.

How to Use a Laser Level for Grading

Step 1: Set up the Laser Level on the Tripod

To make sure that the tripod does not move, place it on a firm, dry ground on the construction site. You will have to spread the three legs of the tripod stand and make sure that they are at an equal distance from each other. Press the tripod’s pin firmly into the ground. Otherwise the laser level may get damaged by tripping over.  

Step 2: Turn on the Laser Level

Once you have checked the stability of the tripod and mount the laser level on the tripod, you can turn on the laser level. 

Step 3: Allow the Laser Level to Self-Level

After you have turned on the laser level, the self-leveling step comes in. In case you are using a manual laser level, use the adjustment screws to bring the bubbles of the level into the center. However, if you are using a self-leveling laser level, then you need to allow the device to self-level itself.  

Step 4: Place the Laser Level at the desired Height

The next step is to find the initial height where you want the grade. For that, you will have to place the bottom of the grade rod at your desired height. 

Step 5: Use the Laser Detector to Detect Laser Beam

You might need to ask for assistance in this step. This step requires you to shoot the laser beam at the target point. But what do you need an assistant for? your assistant or partner will help you to adjust the position of the laser detector to connect with the laser beam.

Step 6: Adjust the Laser Detector

Until you receive a constant beeping sound, adjust the laser detector by moving it up and down. Instead of a constant beep sound, an interrupted beep sound is produced if the detector is too high or too low. So, you will not have to worry about the proper adjustment. Just follow the beep and you can adjust the detector eventually.

Step 7: Set the Grade Rod at Different Locations

After you have adjusted the laser detector, it is time to set the grade rod at different locations of the construction site. It doesn’t matter if the ground is above or below the desired point. Just take the reading. However, in order to get the original reading, you may need to lift the rod or dig it into the ground.

Step 8: Mark the Spot

The last step is to mark the spot. The bottom of the grade rod indicates the lowest level of the grade itself. So, we would advise you to mark the spot with the help of a stick. You can insert the stick into the ground to exhibit the desired height.

Final Words

How to Use a Laser Level for Grading

Accuracy is a major concern of a worker while doing construction work. Grading is important in construction sites. Moreover, proper grading while doing such work secures the foundation itself. We believe, however, that one needs to know the proper steps of how to use a laser level for grading before getting started with it. 

So, after reading this article, we hope that you know how to use a laser level for grading and we anticipate that you will also be careful while doing it. Do let us know about your feedback. Happy Grading!

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